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MATLAB GUI for DTMF detection experiment
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This modi ed function records each DTMF signal to a PCM le data.pcm. The duration of each DTMF signal is 100 ms followed by 50 ms of silence. 5. Add MATLAB Link for CCS code to the DTMF.m. Table 9.12 lists the MATLAB script. This MATLAB script controls the execution of DSK. The function ccsboardinfo checks the DSP development system and returns the information regarding the board and processor that it has identi ed.
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Table 9.11
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MATLAB script DTMF.m generated by GUI editor
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% --- DTMF signal generation function x=dtmfGen(fl, fh) fs = 8000; N = [0:1/fs:0.1]; x = 0.5*(cos(2*pi*fl*N)+cos(2*pi*fh*N)); sound(x,fs) % --- Executes on button press in pushbutton17 function pushbutton17_Callback(hObject, eventdata, handles)
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Table 9.12
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MATLAB script using Link for CCS to command the C5510 DSK
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board = ccsboardinfo; % Get DSP board & processor information dsp = ccsdsp('boardnum',... % Link DSP with CCS board.number, 'procnum', board.proc(1,1).number); set(dsp,'timeout',100); % Set CCS timeout value to 100(s) visible(dsp,1); % Force CCS to be visible on desktop open(dsp,'DTMF\\ccsLink.pjt'); % Open project file build(dsp,1500); % Build the project if necessary load(dsp, '.\\DTMF\\Debug\\ccsLink.out',300); % Load project with timeout 300(s) reset(dsp); % Reset the DSP processor restart(dsp); % Restart the program run(dsp); % Start execution or wait new command cpurunstatus = isrunning(dsp); while cpurunstatus == 1, % Wait until processor completes task cpurunstatus = isrunning(dsp); end
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The ccsdsp function creates the link object to CCS using the information obtained from the function call to ccsboardinfo. The functions open, build, load, reset, restart, and run are the standard CCS commands that control the CCS IDE functions and status. The function run consists of several options. The option main is the same as CCS command Go Main. The option tohalt will start DSP processor and run until the program reaches a breakpoint or it is halted. The option tofunc will start and run the DSP processor until the program reaches the given function. The build function also has multiple options. The default build function makes an incremental build, while the option all will perform CCS command Rebuild All. In this experiment, the function isrunning is used to check if the DSK processing is completed. The software for DTMF decoder using MATLAB Link for CCS includes the DSP project, source les, and MATLAB script les. Table 9.13 lists the les used for this experiment.
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Table 9.13 Files DTMF.m DTMF.fig DTMFdecodeTest.c gFilter.asm computeOutput.asm dtmfFreq.asm gFreqDetect.c checkKey.c Init.c dtmf.h ccsLink.pjt ccsLink.cmd dtmfGen.m dspDTMf.m File listing for experiment exp9.4.3_MATLABCCSLink Description MATLAB script for testing experiment MATLAB GUI DTMF experiment test le Assembly function computes recursive path Assembly function computes nonrecursive path Assembly function calculates all frequencies C function maps frequencies to keypad C function reports DTMF keys C function for initialization C header le DSP project le DSP linker command le MATLAB function for DTMF tone generation MATLAB function for commanding C55xCCS
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In this experiment, MATLAB command window will show each key that is pressed and display the DTMF detection result. Procedures of the experiment are listed as follows: 1. Connect DSK to the computer and power on the DSK. 2. Create and build the DSP project for the experiment. If no errors, exit CCS. 3. Start MATLAB and set the path to the directory ..\exp9.4.3_MATLABCCSLink. 4. Type DTMF at MATLAB command window to display the DTMF experiment GUI. 5. Press several DTMF keys to generate a DTMF sequence. 6. Press the Decode DTMF key on the GUI to start CCS, build the DSP project, and then run the DTMF decoder. 7. Multichannel DTMF detection is widely used in industries. Modify the experiment such that it performs two-channel DTMF detection in parallel. The input data for the two-channel DTMF detection can be generated in time-division method. Since this experiment reads the input data from a PCM data le, we can create two DTMF signaling les and read both of them in for the two-channel experiment.
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