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Table 13.9 Directory exp13.5.4_isoMp3Dec File
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File listing for experiment exp13.5.4_isoMp3Dec Description MP3 decoder workspace Main le to parser the parameters and access all individual functions Common functions with sampling frequency conversion, bit-rate conversion, le I/O access Bit-stream decoding, parameter decoding, sample dequantization, synthesis lters, decoder used functions Huffman decoding functions data format conversion I/O functions Header le for common.c Header le for decoder.h Header le for huffman.h Header le for ieeefloat.h Header le for portableio.h
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lsfDec.dsw musicout.c common.c
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huffman.c ieeefloat.c portableio.c common.h decoder.h huffman.h ieeefloat.h portableio.h 1cb0 - 1cb6, 1th0 - 1th6 2cb0 - 2cb6, 2th0 - 2th6 absthr_0 - absthr_2 alloc_0 - alloc_4 dewindow, enwindow huffdec lsfDec.exe musicD_44p1_128bps.mp3
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Constant data
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debug data
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Executable les Input le for decoder
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The following MATLAB script separates the stereo PCM into two channels, the left audio channel and right audio channel, plots both channels, and plays each audio at 44.1 kHz rate.
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fid=fopen('pcmFile.pcm', 'rb'); pcmData = fread(fid, 'int16'); len = length(pcmData); leftChannel = pcmData(1:2:len-1); rightChannel = pcmData(2:2:len); subplot(2,1,1); plot(leftChannel); subplot(2,1,2); plot(rightChannel); soundsc(leftChannel, 44100); soundsc(rightChannel, 44100);
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4. Convert the oating-point C to xed-point C and then to assembly program approach for the MP3 decoder using C55x DSK. The MP3 les to be decoded are stored in the computer. The MP3 les can be read by DSK via le I/O we learned from previous experiments. 5. Con gure DSK AIC23 in stereo output in 48 kHz.
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Table 13.10 Decoding information running of mp3_dec.bat
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input file = '..\data\musicD_44p1_128bps.mp3' output file = '..\ data\musicD_44p1_128bps.mp3.dec' the bit stream file ..\data\musicD_44p1_128bps.mp3 is a BINARY file HDR: s=FFF, id=1, l=3, ep=on, br=9, sf=0, pd=1, pr=0, m=1, js=2, c=0, o=0, e=0 alg.=MPEG-1, layer=III, tot bitrate=128, sfrq=44.1 mode=j-stereo, sblim=32, jsbd=8, ch=2
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6. Use PC version decoder as reference to test the C55x decoder. 7. Play back the MP3 music les via the DSK decoder through a loudspeaker.
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[1] Digital Audio Compression (AC-3, Enhanced AC-3) Standard, ETSI TS 102 366 V1.1.1 Feb. 2005. [2] ATSC Standard: Digital Audio Compression (AC-3), Revision A, Aug. 2001. [3] S. Gadd and T. Lenart, A Hardware Accelerated MP3 Decoder with Bluetooth Streaming Capabilities, M.S. Thesis, Nov. 2001, [4] T. Painter and A. Spanias, Perceptual coding of digital audio, Proc. IEEE, vol. 88, no. 4, pp. 415 513, Apr. 2000. [5] R. Raissi, The theory behind MP3, Dec. 2002, [6] P. Noll and D. Pan, ISO/MPEG audio coding, Int. J High Speed Electron. Syst., vol. 8, no. 1, pp. 69 118, 1997. [7] A. J. Ferreira, Spectral Coding and Post-Processing of High Quality Audio, Ph. D Thesis, University of Porto, 1998. [8] ISO/IEC JTC1/SC29/WG11/N7018, Scalable Lossless Coding, Jan. 2005. [9] K. Brandenburg, MP3 and AAC explained, Proc. AES 17th Int. Conf. High Qual. Audio Coding, http://www. 2/AAC 3.pdf. [10] J. Li, Embedded audio coding (EAC) with implicit auditory masking, Proc. ACM Multimedia 2002, pp. 592 601, Dec. 2002, doid=641126. [11] ISO Reference Source Code of MPEG-1 Layer I, II and III: dist10.tgz. [12] I. Dimkovic, Improved ISO AAC coder, [13] Y. Wang, L. Yaroslavsky, M. Vilermo, and M. Vaananen, Some peculiar properties of the MDCT, Proc. 5th Int. Conf. Signal Process., pp. 61 64, 2000. [14] Y. Wang and M. Vilermo, The modi ed discrete cosine transform: Its implications for audio coding and error concealment, Proc. AES 22nd Int. Conf. Virtual Synth. Entertain. Audio, pp. 223 232, 2002, http://www.comp. wangye/papers/AES/00027 aes22.pdf. [15] K. Brandenburg and H. Popp, An introduction to MPEG layer-3, docs/trev 283-popp.pdf.
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1. Draw a curve of masking threshold based on psychoacoustics experiment. Using MATLAB plays back a 1 kHz tone (masker) at 60 dB plus one of the tones listed in the following table. Since the levels of these bark band tones are changing, pick up the one you just cannot hear as the masking threshold. You may also try to raise the masker tone by 20 dB (to 80 dB) to see if the masking threshold is still the same as at 60 dB. The published bark band centers in Hz are listed in Table 13.11 [4].