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Table 13.8 Files floatPoint_preEchoTest.c floatPoint_preEchoMdct.c floatPoint_preEchoInit.c floatPoint_preEchoQnt.c floatPoint_preEcho.h preEcho.pjt preEcho.cmd dtmf_digit2.pcm File listing for experiment exp13.5.3_preEcho Description Main program for testing experiment Direct and inverse MDCT function Generate widowing and coef cient tables Simulate log quantization C header function DSP project le DSP linker command le Data le
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13.5.3 Experiments of Preecho Effects
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Based on the experiment given in Section 13.5.2, we can add an MDCT coef cient quantization function to verify the preecho effect. We will compare the preecho effects between using 512- and 64-point MDCT block sizes with the original signal as shown in Figure 13.16(a). The les used for this experiment are listed in Table 13.8. Procedures of the experiment are listed as follows: 1. Start CCS, open the project, build, and load the program. 2. Run the program and examine the resulting data le. 3. Convert this oating-point C experiment to C55x assembly functions. Rerun the assembly version of the experiment and compare the result with its oating-point experiment. 4. There are two constants FRAME and NUM_QNT de ned in floatPoint_preEcho.h le. FRAME is the frame size used for MDCT block. NUM_QNT is the number of levels in log scale that the MDCT coef cients will be quantized. Change these two parameters to check the experiment results. 5. Perform 512-point MDCT/IMDCT with 50 % overlaps. The absolute values of MDCT coef cients are quantized using 16 steps in log scale with 16-bit maximum (32 767) corresponding to the highest step. The ripples before and after the signal segment are clearly shown in Figure 13.16(b) due to the quantization errors. 6. For comparison, perform 64-point MDCT/IMDCT with 50 % overlaps. With the increased timedomain resolution due to shorter length of MDCT, the ripples are reduced as shown in Figure 13.16(c).
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13.5.4 Floating-Point C Implementation of MP3 Decoding
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This section presents experiment of the MP3 decoding. The ISO reference source codes for MPEG-1 Layer I, II, and III in dist10.zip can be downloaded from Web sites. These les are listed in Table 13.9, where the le musicout.c is the main function that parsers the parameters and le I/O. Unzip the le dist10.zip, and place the corresponding les under the src, inc, or tables folders as listed in Table 13.9. Using the provided workspace le lsfDec.dsw under Microsoft Visual C environment, we can easily compile the les to have executable code under Debug folder. After running the program, we will see the output as listed in Table 13.10.
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104 2 1.5 1 0.5 Amplitude 0 0.5 1 1.5 2
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(a) Original PCM data with 1024 samples
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400 Sample
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2 1.5 1 0.5 Amplitude 0 0.5 1 1.5 2
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(b) 512-point MDCT/IMDCT processed
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400 Sample
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Figure 13.16 (a) Original PCM data with 1024 samples; (b) 512-point MDCT/IMDCT processed with 16-step quantization in log scale; and (c) 64-point MDCT/IMDCT processed with 16-step quantization in log scale
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104 2 1.5 1 0.5 Amplitude 0 0.5 1 1.5 2 (c) 64-point MDCT/IMDCT processed
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400 Sample
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(continued )
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Procedures of the experiment are listed as follows: 1. The executable code is located in the directory ..\debug\lsfDec.exe. Run the batch le mp3 dec.bat in ..\data folder. MP3 data le musicD_44p1_128bps.mp3 is read as input. 2. The output information from MP3 decoder is listed in Table 13.10. This shows it is an MP3 encoded at 44.1 kHz with the bit rate of 128 kbps in two-channel joint stereo format. 3. The output of the MP3 decoder musicD_44p1_128bps.mp3.dec is a stereo PCM le and its stereo data samples are arranged in the order of left, right, left, right, . . . . The 16-bit PCM data sample is in Motorola PCM format (MSB, LSB). Verify this PCM data as stereo audio at Motorola PCM format sampled at 44.1 kHz using MATLAB. Since MATLAB uses Intel PCM format (LSB, MSB), you need to change the data format from Motorola PCM to Intel PCM. The following C code can be used to convert Motorola PCM format to Intel PCM format.
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FILE *fpIn,*fpOut; short x; fpIn = fopen("musicD_44p1_128bps.mp3.dec", "rb"); fpOut = fopen("pcmFile.pcm", "wb"); while( fread(&x, sizeof(short), 1, fpIn) == 1) { x = ((x>>8)&0xff)| ((x&0xff)<<8); fwrite(&x, sizeof(short), 1, fpOut); } fclose(fpIn); fclose(fpOut);