Trendlines and Reversals in .NET

Get EAN 13 in .NET Trendlines and Reversals
Trendlines and Reversals
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FIGURE 7.15 The Drawing Tools menu also provides access to any of the drawn
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objects and their settings.
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TABLE 7.1 Drawing Tools Functions
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Snap to
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This is either checked or unchecked, which indicates whether or not handles will snap to OHLC (open, high, low, or close) values. You alter this setting either here or through the Preferences menu. It is recommended that you leave this checked, since doing so makes laying down precise trendlines much easier. If you would prefer to have total free-form control over the placement of trendlines, you should uncheck this box. Otherwise, price points in bars will attract the handles of your trendlines like magnets. If you do not want to see the toolbar, you can choose this setting, which will put a checkmark next to it. The only reason you would want to do so would be to free up a little more space for the chart. Keep in mind you do not necessarily have to leave the toolbar where it is. You can click on the handle of the toolbar, located on its left edge, and drag the toolbar to any edge of the chart or have it free oating for quick access. ProphetCharts provides the ability to undo your last action (and that action will alter the exact wording of this menu item; for instance, it might read Undo Last Deletion if you most recently deleted an object). There will be many times that you accidentally do something that you realize was a mistake, and by selecting Undo or its keyboard equivalent, Ctrl-Z, ProphetCharts will undo the action. This is the default tool, which is just the mouse cursor. The Pointer doesn t alter the graph in any way; it simply lets you move the mouse around and take actions. The Pointer is by default the selection, and choosing any other tool (such as Trendline) temporarily deselects this choice. Once you have nished drawing your object, the Pointer will be selected once again. You have four choices for what appears wherever the cursor goes: None, Vertical, Horizontal, or Crosshair. You can therefore have a horizontal line only, a vertical line only, both, or neither as you move your mouse around. Most people leave the vertical line on, using the crosshair choice when they are trying to make a very precise judgment on both time and price. If you nd the lines bothersome or annoying, you change this to None. This zooms in on the rightmost 50 percent of the chart. The keyboard equivalent is Ctrl-Plus. If you want to zoom in on a precise part of the chart, just click-and-drag with the mouse. Using Zoom In repeatedly will home in closer and closer to the most recent data.
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Hide Tools
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Pointer Tool
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Pointer Guides
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Zoom In
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Trendlines and Reversals
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TABLE 7.1 (Continued)
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Zoom Out This does the opposite of Zoom In, since it doubles the amount of time you are viewing (until you see all the data that you fetched in the rst place, at which time this menu choice becomes grayed out). The keyboard equivalent is Ctrl-Minus. To unzoom all the way and see all of the data you have fetched for the chart, you can chose this function or, for the same result, double click anywhere inside the chart. This allows you to change how much of the chart space is dedicated dedicated to the chart itself. This function is covered in detail in 8. There are 10 different tool choices, the rst of which is Trendline. Choosing any of these selections is the equivalent of choosing the tool icon within the toolbar. A checkmark will appear next to whatever tool is currently selected (which may be the Pointer Guides, described above). This brings up a submenu of the same 10 tools so that you can select the tool whose settings you want to customize. The equivalent action can be performed by holding down the mouse button on top of the tool you want to customize or clicking on the small triangle in the lower-right corner of any of the tool icon squares. This deletes all of the drawn objects on the currently displayed graph. It will not affect the drawn objects on any other charts. If you use this accidentally, you can reverse the damage by choosing the Undo command. Take note that when you right-click on any drawn object, this command is also available in the pop-up menu, as well as another command Delete which will delete only the currently selected object.
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