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FIGURE 7.10 Right-clicking on a trendline yields a popup menu with a number
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of command choices.
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toggle back and forth between these settings for any given trendline (it does not affect any others elsewhere). Let us take an opportunity to consider several important properties of the popup menu. These general rules are important to effective and ef cient use of any of the drawn objects.
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1. To access the popup menu that controls one particular drawn object,
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right-click on that object.
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2. Changes made to that object affect that object and no others. You
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therefore need not be concerned that you will alter any of the other trendlines (or any other kind of object, for that matter) by altering one of them. 3. However, when you draw another drawn object in this case, a trendline ProphetCharts will use the most recent settings since it assumes that is what you want to use. So whatever color, style, and extension choice you last made will be applied to all subsequent trendlines until you change those settings again. 4. Every single object on a chart can be completely unique. Each and every object can be colored differently, styled differently, and extended differently. Although you can preserve the settings you have chosen to save yourself time when drawing additional objects, it is useful to keep in mind the uniqueness of every drawn object, since those distinctions can help make a chart easier to read and interpret. Another selection on the popup menu is Move. The Move function reveals the two handles on the trendline, thus allowing you to change the location of the trendline. The existence of these handles is probably the
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Trendlines and Reversals
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single most powerful and useful feature of all the drawn objects, so it is crucial to understand their purpose. The handles of any drawn object are the places where the endpoints were established. Once you draw a trendline, only the line is shown, and no special mark is given to the endpoints. However, once you select Move from the popup menu (or once you double-click on the trendline, which is actually a faster way to achieve the same thing), the two handles will appear as small squares (Figure 7.11). When you point your mouse to a handle, the mouse pointer changes from an arrow to a hand, indicating it is ready for you to move the handle. You can drag the handle anywhere in the chart that you like. One of the reasons this is so useful is that you can create very precisely laid trendlines, which is important to good charting (Figure 7.12). You might want to make sure that the Snap to OHLC values during drawing checkbox is checked in the preferences menu (see Figure 3.18 back in 3) to make precise placement of handles easier. If you point at the trendline but do not click any button (this is known as a mouseover ), then information about the trendline will appear as a tool tip (Figure 7.13). This tool tip will identify the object (in this case,
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FIGURE 7.11 Double-clicking on a trendline gives you access to the two handles, which allow for careful placement of the line.
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FIGURE 7.12 You can zoom in to the handle of a trendline to ensure precise
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FIGURE 7.13 When you mouseover a trendline, a tool tip will appear identifying
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the object as well as its starting and ending points.
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FIGURE 7.14 By clicking on the small triangle in the trendline tool you can access the features of the tool.
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Trendline ) as well as the starting and ending values of the endpoints in terms of both price and date. There is usually a variety of ways to get to the same function, in order to save time. The ability to alter a trendline s style, color, or extension is available through right-clicking the line as well as clicking the trendline tool itself (Figure 7.14). There are two ways to access the popup menu using the trendline tool: You can either hold down the mouse button on the tool for a few moments, or you can click the small triangle in the tool s lower-right corner to get instant access. You can also access many of the functions of the toolbar through the Drawing Tools menu itself (Figure 7.15). The choices on this menu provide the functions shown in Table 7.1.
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