Technical Analysis: What It Is and Why It Works in .NET

Integrating GTIN - 13 in .NET Technical Analysis: What It Is and Why It Works
Technical Analysis: What It Is and Why It Works
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thus making the broker whole), he would have made $40,000 just as the other trader did, only he would have done it in the other direction. The advantages and disadvantages of shorting markets will be discussed near the end of the book, but the principal bene t of shorting is that you can take advantage of a falling market as well as a rising one. If you are at the beginning of a bear market, and you can only buy stocks, it will be very dif cult to make money. If you are able to short stocks at high prices and then buy them back later at low prices, you can make money in either an up or down market. The key disadvantage to shorting stocks is that all the big money is made by going long. The most you can ever make with a short position is 100% (that is, if the stock goes to $0.00, which almost never happens), whereas the most you can make with a long position is unlimited. You can de nitely make pro ts shorting markets, but unless you are a brilliant options trader, you will never get rich being a bear (that is, a person betting on a market going down).
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The world of technical analysis can seem overwhelming to many. There are hundreds of complex mathematical indicators, studies, patterns, and rules. But there is absolutely no reason good charting has to be complicated. A trader can set aside all of the complexity and focus on some solid basics, starting with the ideas of support and resistance. To illustrate this, think back to the children s game Red Rover. In case you don t remember it, kids split up into two groups, and each group forms a line by holding hands so that there are two parallel lines of kids standing across a eld from one another. Then one team calls out, Red Rover, Red Rover, send Ethan (or some other kid s name) right over!, and the named child rushes headlong into the other line, trying to break through. If he busts through the line, he gets to choose a person to join his team. This image of breaking through is exactly what support and resistance are all about, because in the grown-up world of trading, buyers of securities tend to mass at certain price levels. And those owners will hold the line at those prices if the security tries to go above (in the case of resistance) or below (in the case of support). Let s take a simple, hypothetical example. Suppose a given stock traded at between $4.95 and $5.05 for many months. Day after day, week after week, it stayed in this range, accumulating owners of the stock at around the $5 level. Let s go on to assume the company has some good
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news, and the stock goes up to $6, but subsequent pro t-taking pushes the stock back down again. Given this circumstance, you can rest assured that it s unlikely the stock is going to drop beneath about the $5 level. The reason is that there s a huge number of owners at that level, and they are simply not going to sell. Fear and greed are the primary drivers of the market, and in this case, greed is going to come rst (meaning the owners are telling the market I refuse to sell my stock at this price for a breakeven trade. I want a pro t. ). If something remarkable happens and it shoves the stock down to, say, $4.50, the fear starts to take hold ( I am worried my losses will go even higher, so I m going to sell now while I still have the chance. ), which means the selling will feed on itself. Expressed in economic terms, the stock price found equilibrium at the $5 level, thus amassing a large number of owners. If the stock price challenges that level again, equilibrium will once more take hold, stabilizing the price. The people owning stock at this level constitute resistance the Red Rover line will hold fast, unless a very powerful force punches through it. Support, therefore, is a price level at which prices are prone to stay above. Resistance is a price level at which prices are prone to stay below. So these are reliable levels at which to count on a pause in price movement, unless the levels are violated, which is where the real action is.
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