FIGURE 4.11 If a symbol is already tagged, then the menu item Tag is instead in .NET

Add EAN-13 Supplement 2 in .NET FIGURE 4.11 If a symbol is already tagged, then the menu item Tag is instead
FIGURE 4.11 If a symbol is already tagged, then the menu item Tag is instead
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called Remove Tag.
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Watch Lists and Chart Styles
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to another, using drag-and-drop between lists is much faster and more ef cient.
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2 explained the basics of chart creation. There are a great many ways in ProphetCharts to adjust a chart s appearance to your liking. Over time, you will probably nd certain kinds of charts that work well for you. You might like a 6-month daily candlestick chart, or a 10-day minute-byminute streaming chart, or a 10-year weekly chart. Changing the parameters that control a chart to get a different view of a security is tedious and time-consuming. That s why ProphetCharts allows you to preserve a wide variety of settings into a chart style. When you create a style, you give yourself instant access to whatever properties a given chart has without having to spend time adjusting menus, checkboxes, and other settings. A chart style will preserve just about every aspect of a chart. Some of the key parameters which make up a chart style are: Graph Type There are seven different kinds of graphs: OHLC, HLC, HL, Candle, Line, Area, and Percent. Your chart style will remember which of these you selected. Quick Toggles Are color bars in the chart Is volume displayed Are drawn items shown Are studies shown Streaming Is the chart streaming Log Is the scale type logarithmic or arithmetic Duration What is the duration of the chart Frequency What is the frequency of the chart Technical Studies What technical studies, if any, are used You don t have to do anything special to create a chart style except create the chart you want and then save it as a style. The Styles menu (Figure 4.12) is where this happens; the top two choices let you save a style or delete a style, and beneath that are all the styles you have created (if any). Besides the Styles menu, the chart styles you ve made are also listed in the My Chart Styles module (Figure 4.13). You can apply a style from the menu by selecting it, and you can apply a style from the module by either double-clicking it or dragging-and-dropping it into the chart area.
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FIGURE 4.12 All of the styles you have created are in the Styles menu, along with the ability to save or delete a style.
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4.13 The chart styles are also listed in the My Chart Styles module, and any one style can be invoked with a double-click or a drag-and-drop into the chart area.
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Once you create a chart whose properties you want to preserve, choose Save Settings as a Chart Style from the Styles menu. A dialog box (Figure 4.14) will appear asking you what name to give the style. You can either type in a name and click OK, or if you want to replace an existing style with the present one, you can click the Update an exist-
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Watch Lists and Chart Styles
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FIGURE 4.14 The Save Chart Style dialog box lets you save a new style or replace an existing style.
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ing Chart Style radio button and choose the style you want to replace from the dropdown menu (Figure 4.15). It s important to remember to give your style a meaningful name. Don t use names like Style 1, Style 2, My Style, Stock Chart, and other meaningless terms. Instead use descriptive language such as Candlestick 6-Month or Streaming 10-Day or Daily 5-Year. Another suggestion is that, because the style names appear in alphabetical order, you should use consistent names to group similar styles. For
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FIGURE 4.15 To replace a chart style, choose the style from the dropdown menu.
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instance, if you have a few minute graphs (that is, intraday graphs), a few daily graphs (longer term), and a few streaming graphs, you might choose style names such as Minute 5-Day, Minute 10-Day, Daily 2-Year, Daily 5Year, Daily 10-Year, Streaming 2-Day, Streaming 5-Day, and Streaming 20Day. That way, when the style names are shown in alphabetical order, it will be easier to nd the style you want.
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