Chart Surfer: Displays a list of miniature charts of all the other stocks in .NET

Drawer EAN / UCC - 13 in .NET Chart Surfer: Displays a list of miniature charts of all the other stocks
1. Chart Surfer: Displays a list of miniature charts of all the other stocks
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in this company s industry.
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Modules and Preferences
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2. ChartScope: Displays a grid of eight charts of this stock, all with dif-
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ferent time ranges, from 1 day (the shortest) to all data (which will go back as far as the company s initial stock offering). Detailed Quote: Provides detailed current quote information. Option Chain: Shows all options, if any, for this security. Call options will be displayed in the left column and put options are on the right. Stock News: Shows the most recent news headlines for this stock. Clicking a headline will yield the entire news story. View Notes: Shows any comments you have posted about this stock.
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FIGURE 3.23 Right-clicking on a study name lets you apply that study or see more in-depth information about that study.
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FIGURE 3.24 When you right-click on a stock, you can get access to a variety of information pages about that stock.
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The modules My Chart Styles and My Study Sets, the rst of which is shown in Figure 3.25, have similar offerings when you right-click on their content. My Study Sets gives you two choices: Use this Study Set (which is the same as double-clicking) and Delete this Study Set. The right-click menu for My Chart Styles is similar: Use this Chart Style (again, like doubleclicking) and Delete Chart Style. If you have warning messages activated, ProphetCharts will always con rm whether you re sure about deleting anything. The longest right-click list is within My Watch Lists (Figure 3.26). Here you will nd the same six choices you saw with Chart Toppers. There are four other unique items:
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1. Copy to List: Lets you take a stock and copy it to another list while at
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the same time leaving it in its current list. When you select this, a dialog box of available watch lists appears. You can choose the destination for the selected symbol from this list. 2. Move to List: This is like Copy to List, except that the stock is removed from its current list. This is identical in outcome to draggingand-dropping. 3. Delete: Removes the symbol from the list. 4. Tag: Makes the symbol (or company name) boldface so that it stands out from the others. This can be a very useful feature is applied properly. Tagging is a way of calling out certain stocks within a list. If you want to pay special attention to certain securities, you can tag them, which makes them not only easier to discern because they are bold, but also makes navigating the watch list with the arrows more powerful since you can leap directly from tagged symbol to tagged symbol. If the symbol you are right-clicking is already tagged, this menu item is Remove Tag.
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FIGURE 3.25 The chart styles module gives you a quick way to apply or delete a chart style if you right-click on any existing style.
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Modules and Preferences
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FIGURE 3.26 Right-clicking an item in a watch list provides a variety of functions, including the ability to copy, move, delete, or tag the item.
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We have presented a great deal about modules and preferences in this chapter. You have learned how to exercise control over many aspects of the chart s appearance and how to use some of ProphetCharts features to make applying these controls quick and easy. In the next chapter we will explore watch lists and chart styles to make using ProphetCharts even faster.
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Watch Lists and Chart Styles
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Watch lists are a way of keeping your trading world organized. As you become a more experienced trader, you will have a variety of ideas about what to trade. Sometimes you will come across a stock you are thinking about buying. Other times you will see stocks you might want to short. Or you might want to start a list of companies whose products you like, and another list of companies whose stock you already own. No matter how you want to organize your trading ideas, the effective use of watch lists is the best way to handle the goal in ProphetCharts. And it certainly isn t putting all the stocks into a single group called My Watch List. This chapter will show you the mechanics of managing watch lists (as well as chart styles) and how to use them effectively.
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