FIGURE 2.13 The Futures Wizard guides you through the process of nding the in .NET

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FIGURE 2.13 The Futures Wizard guides you through the process of nding the
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futures contract you want to view.
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FIGURE 2.14 As you select different choices from the dropdown menus in the futures wizard, the available contracts for that market will be presented to you for selection.
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if you were to click Get Chart. There are several other choices available to you, however: Continuous. Futures contracts expire, and the amount of time any given futures contract is active is typically quite short usually just a couple of months. So, unlike stocks, which can span decades, most futures contracts don t have much data and therefore aren t very helpful in determining broad trends. A continuous contract, however, chains together individual contracts to create a synthetic, never-ending contract. So a continuous contract of the S&P 500 would chain together March 1987, June 1987, September 1987, December 1987, March 1988, and so on. This gives you the opportunity to view decades of markets such as wheat, gold, and treasury bonds. A Non-Adjusted continuous contract is one in which all the regular contracts are simply chained together without any alternation in price. However, there are some markets that have fairly large gaps between contracts. This is often the result of a market being seasonal (in other words, markets that are crops, not nancial commodities). You can distinguish between what kind of continuous contract you want Adjusted or NonAdjusted by selecting your choice from the dropdown menu next to the Continuous radio button. Cash Only. Some of the futures markets have corresponding cash markets available in ProphetCharts. If you want to see the cash market (also known as the spot market), click the Cash Only radio button.
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Fundamentals of Chart Creation
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There is no guarantee that the cash data is available, however. But a proper symbol for it will be constructed. Cash Overlay. Instead of seeing just the cash market, you can overlay a futures market with its cash market in the same graph. Click the Cash Overlay radio button to do this so you can see, for example, how the S&P futures contract correlates to the underlying S&P 500 cash index.
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One of ProphetChart s most useful features is the ability to stream data. In other words, you can make the chart come alive with real time quotes that also display the chart in motion during the trading day. To change a static chart to a streaming chart, click the Stream checkbox (as shown in Figure 2.15). When you click Stream, two things happen. First, the chart comes to life with a dynamic price bar on the rightmost part of the chart. So as quotes come in, the bar will grow and change to re ect the open, high, low, and last price data for that particular bar. Once that time period is passed, the bar becomes part of the historical chart and a new bar begins. The length of time represented depends on the kind of chart you are using. So if you are looking at a minute bar chart, the streaming bar will represent anywhere from one second of information (when it rst begins) to one minute of information (when it is complete). And all the bars to its left will also represent one minute of time. So the graph will grow during the course of the day, as the stock you are watching bobs up and down with price activity. The other thing that happens (shown in Figure 2.16) when you click Stream is that the upper-left corner of ProphetCharts changes into a streaming quote panel. This panel shows you the most recent information for the security you are charting. Each data point is clearly labeled, and the Last Trade line shows you the timestamp for the quote being shown, which will tell you how recent the quote is.
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