JavaCharts and ProphetCharts in .NET

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JavaCharts and ProphetCharts
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FIGURE 14.16 The menu bar at the top of ProphetCharts provides access to almost every function in the product.
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Finally, ProphetCharts provides a menu bar at the top of the applet (Figure 14.16), which gives the product much more of a software-style interface, since most products people use daily have a similar menu set. Having functions available via the menu system provides several advantages it organizes the functions in a cleaner fashion, it provides more comprehensive access to all the functions, and it makes the interface easier to use since any computer user is comfortable using menus. Those are the general differences between the two systems. Now let s examine a more detailed overview of these differences. Each of these subjects describes the feature in brief on ProphetCharts, the feature in JavaCharts (if available), and the chapter in this book where you can get more information about that particular function.
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Stock Symbol Lookup: Similar on both systems. For JavaCharts, click the word Symbol next to the symbol entry box and choose Look Up Symbol from the menu that appears. For ProphetCharts, choose the Symbol Search item from the Symbols menu. ( 2) Tool Tips: Exclusive to ProphetCharts. Mousing-over almost any object in ProphetCharts will yield helpful tool tips automatically. ( 1)
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Basic Controls
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Frequency: Identical for both systems, providing access to Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly, and Yearly charts (for daily data), and a variety of intraday frequencies, down to 1 Minute, for shorter timeframes. ( 2) Duration: Both systems have ranges from 1 Day up to All (entire history available, which is as far back as the year 1900). The Custom duration choice in ProphetCharts features an easier-to-use calendar interface. ( 2) Graph Type: JavaCharts has ve choices Bar, Line, Area, Candle, and Percent. ProphetCharts offers two additional choices HLC (High Low Close bar) and HL (High Low bar). ( 2) Toggles: JavaCharts has seven choices: the ability to turn on/off the log scale, color bars, studies, drawn items, volume, chart expansion, and
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streaming quotes. ProphetCharts also provides the ability to hide events, hide price, and hide volume bars. ( 2) Keyboard Shortcuts: ProphetCharts also offers more keyboard shortcuts for quicker access to common functions. These keyboard shortcuts include: Ctrl-S: hide/show Studies: (toggle) Ctrl-Space: hide/show Volume Pane: (toggle) Ctrl-N: Clone Ctrl-<Plus>: Zoom In Ctrl-<Minus>: Zoom Out Ctrl-D: hide/show Drawn Objects: (toggle) Ctrl-E: hide/show Events: (toggle) Alt-D: Drawing Tools Menu Alt-S: Studies Menu Alt-W: Watch Lists Menu
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Price & Percentage Comparison Charts: Ability to perform comparisons of different charts on either a price or a percentage scale is available in both systems. ( 6) Left-Scale Price Axis: Exclusive to ProphetCharts. Provides the ability to plot two charts with two unique price scales, one on the right side, and one on the left. ( 6)
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Chart Styles: Both systems have the ability to preserve and name a style and select whether or not studies should be incorporated. ( 4) Modules: Exclusive to ProphetCharts. There are many modules available, all of which appear initially. Any of these ten can be turned on or off via the Preferences dialog box. ( 3) Font Sizes: Exclusive to ProphetCharts. Font size can be set to Small, Medium, or Large. Size Small is the default. Larger fonts make it much easier to read the data line, price quote, and other textual elements on the chart. ( 3) Themes: Exclusive to ProphetCharts. Provides the ability to select from a variety of color schemes. ( 3) Study Colors: Exclusive to ProphetCharts. Lets you choose which colors will be used for the technical studies ( 6)
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JavaCharts and ProphetCharts
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Line Guide Opacity: Exclusive to ProphetCharts. Lets you adjust the transparency of the line guide so that it is clearer or, conversely, less obtrusive. ( 3) Time Zones: Exclusive to ProphetCharts. Lets you change the time zone reference for intraday charts. The default is for the charts to be displayed with the time zone of the exchange, which is usually EST. You can alter this to display times in your own time zone. ( 3)
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