Fibonacci Drawings in .NET

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Fibonacci Drawings
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FIGURE 13.14 This chart has two helpful drawn objects: the retracement levels
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as well as a trendline, which provides clear resistance when the price tries to move upward again.
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One instance where the Fibonacci retracement is especially useful is after a stock has made a major move, either up or down. After a large movement with a lot of volatility, traders are extremely uncertain as to where the next support or resistance level is going to be. Take yourself back to the autumn of 2002. All the U.S. stock indexes, particularly the NASDAQ, had suffered a brutal bear market. The NASDAQ 100 ETF, better known as the QQQ (or cubes ) had lost about 80 percent of its value. Suppose you believed the selling was overdone and you took a major long position in this security. (Take note that even though the nancial instrument is known as the QQQ, the symbol is QQQQ.) QQQ begins to move higher, producing a pro t for you. But how long do you hold on Unless your intent is to hold the stock forever, you should probably try to optimize your holding period so that you get out when the recovery seems to have been fully realized. In this instance, the retracement is once again invaluable. Figure 13.15 shows the retracement levels placed on top of the QQQQ graph. The stock bottomed out at about $20 and the rst retracement level is at about $43, a more
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FIGURE 13.15 After the gigantic slide of QQQ, which represents the NASDAQ
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100 stocks, virtually no study except the Fibonacci retracement could have provided a good prediction as to how high QQQ would be able to climb back.
than 100 percent gain. It took three years to get there, but as the arrow indicates, the QQQ came within pennies of the retracement point, at which time it eased away. You may have noticed in the dialog box that the Fibonacci retracements do not end at 100 percent. They can go on to higher ratio levels, such as 161.8 percent, 261.8 percent, and higher. So not only can these retracement levels guide you in terms of price action between the two extremes of the reference line, but also they can give you guidance as to how high or low a price may move outside those extremes. The stock graph shown in Figure 13.16 provides a tting example of this. The graph encompasses the time range 1985 to 2006, a period of more than two decades. The retracement was drawn based on points in 1985 (the low) and 1991 (the high). From 1987 through 1999 there are many instances just a few of which are highlighted where the retracement levels have been obeyed. What s more interesting is what happens when the price breaks above the 100 percent level. There are three times when the stock paused and
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Fibonacci Drawings
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FIGURE 13.16 Fibonacci levels beyond 100 percent can be an invaluable predictive tool, as illustrated here.
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consolidated, and in each of those three instances it matches the retracement level perfectly. Thus, the retracements are not only able to provide interpolation between two extremes, they are also able to extrapolate to price levels that haven t even been experienced by a stock yet. This obviously doubles the power and value of a well-placed Fibonacci retracement object.
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By now it should be clear how to draw and use the Fibonacci retracement. We now turn our attention to an equally useful tool, the Fibonacci fan. The application and interpretation of fans is very similar to retracements. As with a retracement, you need to identify a low and a high extreme to place your reference line, at which point the fans will be automatically placed for you. And, as with retracement, the fan lines indicate important support, resistance, and consolidation points for price action. Except for the fact that fan lines are at an angle, the interpretation of
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