Fibonacci Drawings in .NET

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Fibonacci Drawings
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FIGURE 13.8 Mousing-over any retracement level will reveal information about that level and the entire drawn object.
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eral times for it to fully sink in the reference line didn t even exist until 1991. In other words, the market was obviously blind to these Fibonacci levels in 1986, 1987, 1988, 1989, 1990, and most of 1991. Once the stock had peaked and clearly was heading south, a person could lay down a pattern like this only to discover at that time the almost eerie behavior of the prices relative to the Fibonacci retracement that was only now just laid down. This provides a very clear af rmation that these levels should be respected on a going-forward basis with this stock. If you hold the mouse cursor over any element of a retracement, more information about that element will be displayed. For instance, Figure 13.8 shows the result of mousing-over the 23.6% retracement level. A box appears which displays the date and value at the start of the reference line, the date and value at the end of the reference line, and the percentage and dollar value of the particular retracement being moused-over. Because the Fibonacci retracement is a relatively complex drawn object, there are many aspects of it you can control. There are two ways to invoke the Customize Fibonacci Retracements dialog box (Figure 13.9) you can right-click on a retracement and select Customize Fibonacci . . . from the popup menu, or you can hold down your mouse button while pointing at the retracement tool in the toolbar to get the same selection. This dialog box lets you control these aspects of the retracement: Color: Controls the color of the entire Fibonacci drawing. Opacity: Controls the transparency of the retracement, ranging from 0 (invisible) to 1 (solid). Show checkboxes: Checking each of these will make particular retracement levels display. At rst, all of them are checked. You can turn any levels on or off with these checkboxes.
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FIGURE 13.9 There are a wide variety of choices in the Customize Fibonacci Retracements dialog box to control its appearance and settings.
Value entry boxes: These are the percentage values used to lay down the retracements. It is very unlikely you will want to change these. Line Style dropdowns: You can choose from three line styles: normal, bold, and dotted. If you want to emphasize or deemphasize any particular level, you may want to change the kind of line displayed. Show Value checkboxes: This controls which of the retracement lines will have their percentage value displayed. These are all on by default. But you can simplify the drawing by turning any of these off that you want, although knowing the percentage levels being displayed is usually helpful.
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Fibonacci Drawings
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Show Reference Line checkbox: The line that connects the two points you click as extremes is displayed by default. If you want to hide this line, you can turn this checkbox off. Show Price checkbox: If you want the dollar value of each retracement level displayed, this checkbox should be checked. Normally you get the percentage value shown for each line for which Show Value is checked. If you want the dollar value as well, which can be helpful when setting a stop price, you should check this too. Reset button: Clicking this resets all the values and checkboxes to their default condition. Figure 13.10 shows a Fibonacci retracement with all the normal settings except that the Show Value checkboxes are all off and the Show Reference Line has been unchecked. This makes for a clean, simple look, although some of the key information is being suppressed. You can still access numeric data about any retracement level by mousing-over any particular line of interest to you. As before, the rounded rectangles highlighting the reversal and resistance points are drawn here for emphasis and are not normally displayed in the charting program.
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