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Composition is the plan, placement, or arrangement of the elements in a photograph to produce the photographer s desired effect. The general goal is to select and place the appropriate elements within the scene in order to communicate your ideas and feelings with the viewer on an emotional level to produce a desired response.
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Canon PowerShot G11 Digital Field Guide
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The photographer determines what the points of focus of the image will be and composes the image accordingly. The eyes of the viewer then tend to linger over these points of focus. The photograph can now be arranged in a harmonious whole that works together to produce a statement, and several camera techniques can be utilized to achieve this ideal.
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Whether conscious of them or not, many people respond emotionally to silhouettes in photographs. An implied empty shape that only delivers minimal information about that shape adds mystery and often stark contrast to AA.3 Backlighting on these buds really the background. The basic approach is make them stand out from the background. Underexposing by 2/3 stop to nd a really dynamic background also removes detail and helps unify the and then underexpose the shot by 1 to background.Taken at ISO 100, f/4, 1/320 2 f-stops or shutter speeds. The folsecond with a 30.5mm lens setting. lowing two examples I encountered describe how silhouettes can add visual power and punch to your images. Shooting photos of dragon ies in the Grand Canyon recently, I found a dragon y that was attracted to a certain branch. I was shooting with my Speedlite quickly, and eventually my ash started taking longer to recycle. A few of the frames were shot when the ash didn t re, and this produced the silhouette shot in Figure AA.4.
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Appendix A Rules of Composition
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AA.4 In this scene, backlighting helps yield the rich, saturated colors and added contrast obtained when underexposing. Select 2 on the Exposure compensation dial to create a silhouette. Taken at ISO 80, f/7, 1/320 second with a 5.8mm lens setting.
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I often employ silhouettes when I have a great background but my subject has too much detail that detracts from the scene or contains information I don t want in my scene. Such was the case photographing these boys in Trenton, New Jersey, enjoying an open re hydrant on a hot day. Silhouettes can be a powerful, graphic way to add punch to your images. If you ve never attempted silhouettes before, consider giving them a try.
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Canon PowerShot G11 Digital Field Guide
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AA.5 This late-summer river scene focused on the Talmadge Memorial Bridge in Savannah, Georgia by underexposing by 2 f-stops. Taken at ISO 400, f/4, 1/80 second with a 7.6mm lens setting.
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Limiting focus
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Another way to simplify your images is to limit the focus range in the photo to only cover the subject, rendering any elements in front of or behind the subject as out of focus. This is achieved by using smaller number apertures (f-stops), all the way down to your smallest, to reduce the amount of depth of eld the image yields. A setting of f/2.8 on the PowerShot G11 ts this bill. By shifting the plane of focus this way, more time is spent looking at the photographer s intended subject and less on the background. This is a great technique to employ when you are stuck with a busy background, such as when items like architecture, trash cans, and signage all conspire to steal attention away from your subject. As you consider lenses, the term bokeh is important. The term bokeh is derived from the Japanese word boke and means fuzzy. The term refers to the way an out-of-focus point of light is rendered in an image.
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