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6 Ever yday Picture-taking Situations with Your PowerShot G11
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Wedding Photography
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Wedding photography has seen a dramatic shift in styles, techniques, and creative challenges in recent years, resulting in a large number of photographers who are entering the eld, lured to the eld by relative ease and work ow bene ts that a digital capture camera can provide. The wedding day itself presents photographers with a huge array of lighting conditions, locations, and subjects and can also be a good test for their equipment and personal temperament. Today s brides and grooms are also savvier clients because they re aware of popular trends and looks, having grown up with more music, video, and media in uences than their parents could have ever dreamed. As such, they are better-educated clients who require a photographer who can produce the images they desire on their special day. A person with a creative eye and superior people skills couldn t nd a more satisfying career than that of a wedding photographer.
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Preparation and considerations
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Wedding clients spend a lot of time looking for just the right person to capture the special moments of their day, and they expect a photographer who s knowledgeable about all the latest trends and styles and who s competent to produce images that render both your clients and the newest fashions creatively. That s why many wedding photographers I know keep up with the latest news by attending seminars, joining online forums and associations, and reading bridal magazines. There s a vast array of educational sources and inspirations out there, and the eld has grown to produce celebrity icons that travel the country to conduct seminars and workshops in the art and marketing of digital wedding photography.
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Wedding tips and advice
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When wedding photographers get together, stories are told about cameras that stop working for no apparent reason, cameras that freeze up, autofocus that won t work, cameras being dropped, tripod legs that stick fast, and ashes that just won t re. The only way around these dilemmas is to have backups of everything. Although this may be impossible when you re just starting out, the option to rent has vast appeal. The ability to try out equipment with possibly rent-to-own arrangements can be an invaluable way to gain experience with new gear and build up your photographic arsenal. When I am invited to a wedding instead of being hired to shoot one, I don t leave my cameras at home but am very respectful to stay out of the hired gun s way. It s his show when the formals are being taken and he needs to make a lot of images in a very short amount of time. I often make acquaintances with other wedding photographers and ask if I may shoot pictures when they do, and they almost invariably say yes.
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Canon PowerShot G11 Digital Field Guide
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Because I d rather not be messing around with my G11 s buttons, dials, and menus and possibly missing a key shot, I set my camera up beforehand, taking into consideration white balance, exposure, and mode settings. If I am using more than one camera, I make sure to synchronize the cameras internal clocks before I start shooting. This way, it makes the chronological sorting of images in my image browser later on that much easier.
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6.34 Grand locations, such as Oregon s Multnomah Falls Bridge shown here, make for fantastic memorable wedding photos, which the PowerShot G11 handles awlessly. Taken at ISO 500, f/4, 1/320 second with a 15.2mm lens setting.
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What you decide to pack in your gear bag and how many cameras you bring depend on many factors, including the location and duration of the wedding, how well you know the couple, and your budget. Here are my minimum recommendations for shooting a candid wedding: Set two Creative modes. The Creative modes on the G11, C1 and C2 on the Mode dial, are great for setting up your camera ahead of time for the shooting needs of different situations such as an outdoor wedding and an indoor reception. This way, you can easily switch between two entirely different camera setups and not have to delve into the extensive menu system at all.
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