Ever yday Picture-taking Situations with Your PowerShot G11 in .NET

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6 Ever yday Picture-taking Situations with Your PowerShot G11
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Plastic bags. These are useful for storing anything and everything in inclement weather and keeping your sensitive electronic gear dry. Universal 5-in-1 tool. This valuable tool can solve all kinds of unexpected problems in the eld, from camera repair to xing clothing or camping gear malfunctions.
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Landscape tips and advice
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Tips and techniques for nature, landscape, and travel images abound. Here are some of the techniques that you can use when shooting outdoor images: Focus one-third of the way into the scene. This technique approximates hyper focal focusing, and although it s not as accurate, it works reasonably well. For sweeping landscapes where there s no obvious center of interest such as a person, an object, or an animal focus the lens approximately a third of the way into the scene. The depth of eld for distant subjects extends approximately twice as far beyond the point of focus as it does in front. At close-focusing distances, however, the point of focus falls approximately in the center of the depth of eld.
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6.15 Fannette Island through the trees, Emerald Bay, Lake Tahoe. Stepping back a few feet, I used some foreground pine trees and branches as framing elements around the island. Taken at ISO 100, f/2.8, 1/1000 second with a 15.2mm lens setting.
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Canon PowerShot G11 Digital Field Guide
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Previsualize the image. If you re shooting a sunset scene, decide if you want to capture foreground detail or show trees, hills, and buildings as silhouettes. If you want to show foreground detail, meter the foreground directly by excluding the sky and sun from the view nder. If you decide to let the foreground go to silhouette, include less foreground in the frame by tilting the camera upward slightly to feature more sky. Or zoom to a telephoto setting to pick out one or two elements to silhouette, such as trees or a building. Research before you go. Most landscape photographers agree that you can never do too much research on the place you re traveling to. The more you know about an area, what its de ning characteristics are, and what areas the locals frequent, the better the chances that you can come away with distinctive images that capture the spirit of the locale. Use side-, back-, or cross-lighting. Frontal lighting is often chosen by inexperienced photographers but creates images that lack texture and depth because the shadows fall away from the camera and out of view. Instead, shoot so that the sun is on one side of the camera, with light striking the scene at an angle. Sidelighting provides the strongest effect for texture and detail when you are shooting at right angles to the sun. Use Self-timer mode or the remote switch. For low-light and night scenes, you can use the Self-timer mode or remote switch to ensure that there s no camera shake as a result of pressing the Shutter Release button with your nger. Photographing rainbows. To capture the strongest color of a rainbow, position the rainbow against a dark background, such as stormy clouds, a hill, or trees. You can underexpose the image by about 1/3 or 1/2 f-stop to increase the intensity of the colors.
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6.16 Halloween jack-o -lantern. Showing some noise due to the maximum ISO setting on the camera affording a higher aperture to retain detail, I used a slow shutter-speed to expose for the candle. Taken at ISO 3200, f/2.8, 1/4 second with a 20.1mm lens setting.
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6 Ever yday Picture-taking Situations with Your PowerShot G11
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Include people in travel images. People de ne the locale, and the locale de nes the people. As a result, it s dif cult to capture the spirit of a place without including people in your images. I also make a point of using people in my landscape images to provide a sense of scale to natural land formations. Silhouetting people against a landscape or nature shot can add mood and drama. If you don t speak the language, use hand gestures to ask permission before you photograph people. Find new ways to capture iconic landmarks. Some land6.17 A hula dancer gave lessons every marks, such as the Empire State morning at our hotel. After asking her Building, have been photopermission during a break, I made this graphed at every angle, with portrait. Taken at ISO 400, f/3.5, 1/400 every lens, and in every light second with a 25.0mm lens setting. possible. Spend some time thinking about how to get a fresh perspective on iconic landmarks to make your images distinctive. Use a Stitch Assist mode for panoramic images. For beautiful panoramic photos you can assemble on your computer using the supplied software that comes with the G11, use the Scene mode Stitch Assist to make your original images. This cool mode allows you to see the merge in-camera as you shoot the photos and can merge a total of 26 images for a large-scale panorama. Use selective focusing for creative effect. The opposite of maximum depth of eld is choosing to render only a small part of the scene in sharp focus by using limited depth of eld. This technique is effective with any lens set to a wide aperture with a close subject as the point of focus while the rest of the scene is thrown well out of focus. The fall-off of sharpness is increased as the focal length increases and the aperture gets wider. Use silhouettes as design elements. Be on the lookout for interesting silhouettes as graphic elements of your photograph. They can be employed when the subject of the silhouette has detail, coloring, or some other feature that would
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