Ever yday Picture-taking Situations with Your PowerShot G11 in .NET

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6 Ever yday Picture-taking Situations with Your PowerShot G11
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When deciding what equipment I m going to bring to a sporting event, my main consideration is mobility quickly getting to where I need to be to make the shot. You want to able to relocate to the other side of the court, eld, or track when the action moves there. Here are some general suggestions for shooting sports and other events, as well as a look at some of the gear you may want to consider bringing along for more involved events: One or more PowerShot G11s. The best-case scenario is having two G11s, one zoomed wide and one zoomed to telephoto, depending on the event. For most beginning photographers, that might be impractical, but I would still bring along the pointand-shoot camera that the G11 replaced in case something goes wrong with your primary camera.
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Waterproof case or other camera protection. A large majority of sports and action photos I make are in outdoor locations, often in uncooperative weather. That does not stop me from taking pictures of these events. I simply make sure to keep my camera dry and dust free at all times. For certain events, where dust or moisture could be an issue, such as motorsports, beach volleyball, or sur ng, be sure to also have lens cleaner, a towel, or cleaning cloths handy. Tripod and monopod. Whether you are shooting stills or video, having a lightweight but sturdy tripod is indispensable, particularly when you shoot in low light. In addition, a versatile ball head with a sturdy quick-release plate allows you to remove the camera quickly to take shots you don t need a tripod for. A monopod is a necessity when shooting sideline sports because tripods are usually not allowed.
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6.3 Timing is everything when shooting sports, and fast-breaking action will test your re exes and the inherent lag before the camera res when you press the Shutter Release button. Aiming the camera through a link in the chain-link fence, I had to make many exposures before I captured this one with the ball superimposed over the pitcher, my preconceived idea. Taken at ISO 400, f/5.6, 1/3200 second with a 30.5mm lens setting.
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Canon PowerShot G11 Digital Field Guide
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SD/SDHC cards suf cient for the duration. The number of memory cards that you carry depends on how many images you typically shoot and the length of the shooting session. It is very easy to shoot over 100 photos at my daughter s soccer games, and I don t want to run out of storage space and miss getting shots of the high- ve appreciation lineup after the game. Spare camera or ash batteries. Live by the battery, die by the battery. If your battery gives out, you re sunk. For cameras, I usually have one or more charged NB-7L batteries in my gear bag as insurance. Also, if I m going on an extended trip, I bring along the battery charger for when the batteries become exhausted. Personal amenities. During sporting events, there are often periods of downtime where you ll need to take a break from shooting. Having a snack, drinking a bottle of water, and wearing comfortable clothing and shoes all deserve a mention here as ways to stay loose and be ready to shoot at a moment s notice. Laptop computer or portable storage device. Backing up images on-site is an essential part of the work ow, and if you re traveling for an event, you ll want to back up the shoot on a laptop or portable storage device. A laptop is also convenient if you upload images to a client server, blog, or Web site and/or print images on-site. Plastic sheets or drop cloths. For outdoor shooting, large plastic sheets come in handy for a variety of unexpected situations, including offering protection from a rain shower or wet grass, protecting camera and lighting equipment, or serving as a diffuser for shooting portraits. Universal 5-in-1 tool. This tool can solve all kinds of unexpected problems, from xing cameras or ash gear to repairing sports equipment. Don t laugh, it s happened! As with many types of photography, choosing what will be the background is often my rst consideration. For outdoor events, you ll want to avoid shooting angles that show cars in the parking lot, portable toilets, or those orange event cones. Indoors, watch out for illuminated exit signs, trash cans, and vast sections of empty grandstand. This is not as easy as it sounds when shooting less-than-professional sports. Start at this point and your photography will immediately improve. Try to choose angles where your background holds or at least complements your subject in a clean, nonobtrusive way. Shooting at your widest f-stop will aid you in your endeavors, allowing you to also do this as well as affording you the ability to shoot at the fastest possible shutter speed for your chosen ISO.
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