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Standard mode is probably where you ll do the bulk of your shooting when creating videos and is the shooting mode with the greatest amount of camera setting options. Standard mode allows all ranges of presets for Auto White Balance including Daylight, Cloudy, Tungsten, Fluorescent, Daylight Fluorescent, Underwater, and two custom user-set white balances. Standard mode also provides access to all the My Colors options such as Vivid, Neutral, Sepia, Black & White, Positive Film, Lighter Skin Tone, Darker Skin Tone, Vivid Blue, Vivid Green, Vivid Red, and a Custom Color mode where you can tweak the Contrast, Sharpness, color Saturation, Red, Green, and Blue colors or Skin Tone to suit your tastes over a ve-increment range. Standard mode offers the greatest amount of adjustments to tailor your clips just the way you want them. Say you re touring some historical landmark with character actors and you want to create a clip with a nostalgic feel. You can switch to Sepia mode and the look changes dramatically, like the image in Figure 5.2, which was taken from footage from Williamsburg, Virginia.
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5 Making Movies with Your PowerShot G11
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5.2 Evening Ceremony, Williamsburg, Virginia. We spent two days seeing the sights and living the history of our nation in Williamsburg. On the nal evening, I reshot a scene I had taped the night before in color, the Evening Ceremony, a second time in Sepia for a nostalgic look. Taken at ISO 400, f/8, with a 29.4mm lens setting.
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Color Accent
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The Color Accent mode is a creative shooting mode with limited options. Color Accent mode allows you to shoot videos with only one hue or range of color, rendering everything else in black and white. You can switch to Color Accent mode anytime between clips by turning the Control dial while in Movie mode. This mode is handy when you want to call attention to a certain detail or subject and only want that speci c color to remain in the shot. This mode is useful for interesting footage of owers and foliage, children, celebrations, or those types of scenes that have a dominant object whose color is important to the scene. Color Accent mimics a creative technique used in advertising, movies, and print media to isolate one color in a scene thereby calling attention to it, and it can be very powerful when used to create an emotional response with the viewer. An imperfect color mode, Canon warns that scenes shot in Color Accent mode can sometimes come out garish and contrasty, with unintended colors as the nal result.
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Canon PowerShot G11 Digital Field Guide
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5.3 Color Accent mode can be set before shooting videos to render only one color in a scene, converting everything else to black and white. It s one of those settings that you may not use very often but can be very powerful and have strong emotional appeal. Taken at ISO 80, f/3.2, with a 8.1mm lens setting.
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Color Swap
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Color Swap is another interesting creative shooting mode that allows you to switch any colors of your choosing within the scene with any other color as a target. As with Color Accent mode, Color Swap mode offers limited choices when shooting still images and movies. You can swap colors by going through the simple method described previously to switch between the chosen and desired colors using the Display button, right and left arrow buttons, and the Control dial. In my preliminary tests, Color Swap mode produces images and video with a posterized feel to them, including lots of grain and contrast but with pleasantly unexpected results. In the example image, I swapped the orange of the center pumpkin with a patch of clear blue sky. Notice how the camera substituted blue for any of that speci c color orange it determined was in the shot, as evidenced by the blue tinges on the leaves.
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