Canon PowerShot G11 Digital Field Guide in .NET

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Canon PowerShot G11 Digital Field Guide
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B/W. De-saturates your image colors completely and creates a monotone, or black-and-white, image. Like Sepia, this setting cannot be reversed once the image has been taken. Positive Film. Mixes the effects of Vivid Red, Vivid Green, and Vivid Blue to create realistic intense colors reminiscent of high saturation slide (positive) lms like Fujichrome and Kodak Ecktachrome. If you miss the look of your old slide lms when shooting digitally, this may be the setting for you. Lighter Skin Tone. Lightens most skin tones to make them appear brighter, but may have trouble with certain skin types and can also affect other areas of a scene besides skin. Experiment to see the differences for yourself. Darker Skin Tone. Darkens skin tones slightly to produce a normal skin tone look with subjects that have pale or washed-out skin. Can make certain skin tones too dark and may not provide the desired effect; can also affect other areas of the image besides skin. Vivid Blue. Punches up the blues in your photographs. Works great on oceans, skies, and any other blue objects in the photo by adding saturation and intensity to only the blue areas in the image. Vivid Green. Intensi es the green areas in your photograph such as grass, foliage, mountains, and any other green objects included in the frame. Fun to use on landscape photos or forest shots. Vivid Red. Adds depth and saturation to any red objects or areas in your photo such as lips, berries, and fall leaves. Be careful using this one on portraits as it may call attention to any reds in the face, especially the cheek areas. Custom Color. Allows you to adjust the Contrast, Sharpness, Saturation, Red, Green, Blue, and Skin Tone within a limited range to suit your own personal tastes. Effective when you don t feel the presets are doing the job for your scene and you want to take control yourself. Because this section deals with color, I ll brie y recap two Special Scene modes that also deal directly with color changes Color Accent and Color Swap and then describe how to change them and set up your custom colors.
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Color Accent
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Color Accent mode allows you to shoot pictures with only one hue or range of color, rendering everything else in black and white. This selection is handy when you want to call attention to a certain detail or subject and only want that speci c color to remain in the shot.
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Useful for interesting images of owers and foliage, children, celebrations, or those types of scenes that have a dominant object whose color is important to the scene. Color Accent mimics a creative technique used in advertising, movies, and print media to isolate one color in a scene, thereby calling attention to it, and can be very powerful when used to create an emotional response with the viewer. An imperfect color mode, Canon warns that scenes shot in Color Accent mode can sometimes come out garish and contrasty with unintended colors as the nal result. To use Color Accent, follow these steps: 1. Select Scene Modes (SCN) on the Mode dial. 2. Rotate the Control dial until Color Accent appears on the LCD. 3. Press the Display button. The image on the LCD alternates between the original scene and the Color Accent scene. 4. Aim the center white outline on the LCD at the color you want to accent. 5. Press the left area of the 4-Way Controller to sample the color. 6. Use the up and down areas of the 4-Way Controller to adjust the sensitivity of the color selection. A range of +/ 5 is available. A +5 setting allows more of the shade of the selected color to be affected by the accent. You can zoom in or get physically closer to fill the white frame on the LCD with the desired color you want to accent, and then zoom out or return to your TIP shooting position to take the picture.
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