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Auto Exposure Bracketing
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Auto Exposure Bracketing (AEB) takes three exposures of the same scene: one exposure at the camera s recommended setting, an image above the recommended setting, and an image below the recommended setting. This is the traditional technique for ensuring an acceptable exposure in scenes that have challenging and/or high-contrast lighting and in scenes that are dif cult to set up again or that can t be reproduced. AEB is also used for image compositing where you take three different exposures of a high-dynamic range scene, and composite them in an image-editing program to produce a nal image that offers the best of highlight, midtone, and shadow details. Using this technique, photographers can produce a nal image that exceeds the range
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Canon PowerShot G11 Digital Field Guide
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of the camera s sensor. Additionally, AEB is a mainstay of High-Dynamic Range (HDR) imaging, which merges three or more bracketed exposures in Photoshop to create a 32-bit image with excellent rendering throughout the tonal range that has to be seen to be believed. For HDR imaging, it s better to bracket exposures by shutter speed rather than by aperture to avoid slight shifts in focal length rendering.
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On the G11, the default exposure bracketing level is 1/3 stop, although you can set AEB captures up to +/ 2 f-stops. Here are some things that you should know about AEB: AEB settings remain in effect until you change them. AEB settings are retained even when you turn the camera off and then on again, and when you change the battery or memory card. In One Shot or Continuous mode, you do not have to press and hold the Shutter Release button to make all three bracketed exposures. In Self-Timer drive mode, press the Shutter Release button once to make the three bracketed images in rapid succession. The order of bracketed exposures begins with the standard exposure followed by decreased and increased exposures. AEB is available in all modes except Low Light, Special Scene, or Quick Shot, and you can t use AEB when you ve mounted an EX-series Speedlite or third-party ash unit. You can use AEB in combination with Exposure Compensation.
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Exposure Compensation
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Another way to modify the standard exposure on the PowerShot G11 is by using the Exposure Compensation dial, which enables you to purposely and continuously modify the standard exposure by a speci c amount up to +/ 2 f-stops in 1/3-stop increments. A common use is to override the camera s suggested ideal exposure in scenes that have large areas of white or black. In these types of scenes, the camera s onboard meter averages light or dark scenes to 18 percent gray to render large expanses of
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3 Choosing Settings on the Canon PowerShot G11
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whites as gray and large expanses of black as gray. You can use Exposure Compensation to override the meter. For example, snow scenes usually require between +1 and +2 stops of compensation to render snow as white instead of dull gray. A scene with predominately dark tones might require 1 to 2 stops of compensation to get true dark renderings. Occasionally, you may notice that the camera consistently overexposes or underexposes images, and in those cases, compensation allows you to modify the exposure accordingly. (If underexposure or overexposure is a consistent problem, it s a good idea to have the camera checked by a reputable Canon repair facility.) Exposure compensation is useful in other scenarios as well, such as when you want to intentionally overexpose skin tones for a speci c rendering effect.
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3.10 Snow-dominant scenes are a perfect example of when to use exposure compensation to counteract the camera s natural tendency to expose for middle gray. This image of Mt. Hood, Oregon was taken in Manual mode at ISO 80, f/4, 1/1000 second with a 9.8mm lens setting.
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