Continuous AF in .NET

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Continuous AF
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With Continuous AF turned on, the G11 continually focuses until focus is achieved even when the Shutter Release button is not pressed halfway down. Although it is a slight distinction from the Servo AF option, this setting allows the camera to focus as you track a moving or active subject and locks focus once the Shutter Release button is pressed so you don t miss an important shot. I turn Continuous AF off in situations where I want to prolong battery life to extend my shooting time.
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AF-assist beam
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The G11 s autofocus system cannot read detail if your scene is too dark. When this happens, the Red-eye reduction LED in the front of the camera turns on and activates as an AF-assist beam to provide enough illumination to the area so the autofocus system can do its job. You can turn this feature either on or off. I set this feature to Off to conserve battery power when I am in bright shooting locations and do not need this focusing aid.
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Canon PowerShot G11 Digital Field Guide
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2.3 The Red-Eye Reduction LED does double duty as an AF-assist beam for attaining accurate focus in low light scenes.
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MF-point Zoom
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MF-Point Zoom is similar to AF-point Zoom in that it displays a magni ed image of the focused area superimposed over the original composition when shooting in Manual Focus mode. Your choices are On or Off.
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MF-Point Zoom Safety MF Flash Control... i-Contrast Spot AE Point
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On Off On Off Off Center
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This is a great feature to use if you Review 2 sec. have trouble making sure your image is focused before taking manually 2.4 As you scroll down the Shooting menu, this is the second set of options. focused pictures. Turn this feature on so you can see the magni ed view to check small details and adjust focus. Use the Control dial to focus the image. A distance scale appears on the right side of the LCD. You can ne-tune the focus even further (Safety MF) by pressing the Shutter Release button halfway, but I nd it easier to press the AF frame/erase button to accomplish the same task.
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2 Using the PowerShot G11 Menus
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Safety MF
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Safety MF is a focusing aid to employ when you are in Manual focus mode. Safety MF ne-tunes your Manual focus adjustment. It s often dif cult to see enough details on the LCD when you check your focus, even if your G11 has MF-Point Zoom turned on. Safety MF helps sharpen the focus for you automatically once you get it close manually and is indicated by a beep and a white focus frame.
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Wind Filter
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Available in Movie mode, the Wind Filter reduces ambient audible noise caused by wind or transportation sounds by approximately 20db that may degrade audio recording quality. Be sure to only use this lter when necessary because the resulting audio may sound unnatural if you are in a nonwindy location.
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Flash Control
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Selecting Flash Control from the Shooting menu opens another menu of ve options that affect the performance of the G11 s onboard ash. If you have attached an external Speedlite to the camera s hot shoe, selecting Flash Control displays a similar menu affecting the ash accessory s performance. All Canon PowerShot cameras have two moving curtains in the shutter mechanism. The front curtain opens the shutter, and the rear curtain closes it. The normal operation of the shutter and ash causes the ash to re immediately when the front curtain opens. This is 1st-curtain sync, and it s ne for most general ash applications. But let s say your subject is moving, and you re panning the camera using a slow shutter speed to pick up some ambient light. Flash photography in this mode produces motion trails in front of the object you re tracking to make it look like it s moving backward. The trick is to get the ash to re right before the shutter closes, thereby showing the motion trails behind the object, and this is exactly what 2ndcurtain sync does. You can set this feature either on the G11 or on the Speedlite, but note that the Speedlite takes precedence over the camera s settings.
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