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Grid Display
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As an added feature, the PowerShot G11 includes a display option for Grid Display, which overlays the LCD monitor with a nine-box Rule-of-Thirds grid. This grid is an ideal compositional aid when shooting architecture, landscapes, and scenics, and helps you follow the Rule of Thirds by showing where you might place your subject for more interesting images. The Rule-of-Thirds and other compositional aids are explained CROSS REF in more detail in Appendix A.
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1.13 Grid lines help you follow the Rule of Thirds when composing your images. Taken at ISO 100, f/4, 1/60 second with a 6.1mm lens setting.
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1 Anatomy of the PowerShot G11
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Clock Display
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In the Quick Tour, I described how to set the Clock Display when you rst set up the camera. This is an important setting for those shooting situations like weddings or vacations where you may be generating lots of images over several memory cards. By having the clock set properly, you can organize your images later in the included Canon Zoom Browser software in chronological order that sets all the images in the order they were captured. See the Quick Tour for CROSS REF instructions on how to set the clock. You can access the Clock Display at any time by pressing and holding down the Function/Set button. The Clock Display also shows the date (mm/dd/yy) when the camera is turned to a vertical position.
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1.14 The standard Clock Display on the G11 in horizontal orientation
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Lens Controls
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The Canon lens of the PowerShot G11 delivers high performance, offering a 5x wide-angle (28mm) zoom with optical Image Stabilizer (IS). This enables you to take handheld shots at shutter speeds 4 stops slower than conventional non-IS models, allowing perfect shooting in darker conditions or at lower ISO settings.
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1.15 The Clock Display when the PowerShot G11 is held in a vertical orientation. The time is displayed vertically on the left, while the date is on the right.
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Canon PowerShot G11 Digital Field Guide
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Image Stabilization
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Image Stabilization (IS) is a technology that counteracts motion blur from handholding the camera. Canon has built the same Image Stabilization technology used in its premium lenses into the G11 for sharper pictures of moving subjects and handholding the camera in low light. The IS needs to be uid because different shooting scenarios have different stabilization needs. The IS of the G11 enables you to gain from 1 to 4 f-stops of stability and that means that you may be able to leave the tripod or monopod at home. Canon s inclusion of optical Image Stabilization (IS) technology in the PowerShot G11 makes handholding the camera at slow shutter speeds and in low-light scenes more likely to produce a sharp image. The rule of thumb for handholding a camera has always been 1/shutter speed to [focal length]. For example, the slowest shutter speed at which you can handhold a 140mm lens and avoid motion blur is 1/140 second. If the handholding limit is pushed, then shake from handholding the camera bends light rays coming from the subject into the lens relative to the optical axis, and the result is a blurry image.
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1.16 For fast-paced action like this NASCAR race, Image Stabilization (IS) assures sharp images. Taken in Aperture Priority mode at ISO 400, f/5.6, 1/4000 second with a 30.5mm lens setting.
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1 Anatomy of the PowerShot G11
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IS Lenses and Panning
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IS detects panning (moving the camera with the motion of a subject) as camera shake, and the stabilization then interferes with framing the subject. To correct this, Canon offers four settings on the G11 for IS: Off, Continuous, Shoot Only, and Panning. Continuous and Shoot Only are designed for stationary subjects, whereas Panning shuts off IS in the direction of movement when the lens detects large movements for a preset amount of time. So, when panning horizontally, horizontal IS stops, but vertical IS continues to correct any vertical shake during the panning movement.
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With an IS lens, the built-in miniature sensors and a high-speed microcomputer analyze vibrations and apply corrections via a stabilizing lens group that shifts the image parallel to the focal plane to cancel camera shake. The lens detects camera motion via two gyro sensors one for yaw and one for pitch. The sensors detect the angle and speed of shake. Then the lens shifts the OIS lens group to suit the degree of shake to steady the light rays reaching the focal plane. Stabilization is particularly important with long lens settings and macro shooting where the effect of shake is more pronounced as the focal length increases. As a result, the correction needed to cancel motion shake increases proportionately. Image Stabilization can be a lifesaver, particularly in low-light situations such as weddings, music concerts, or sporting events where tripods are impractical.
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