Canon PowerShot G11 Digital Field Guide in .NET

Encoder Code 3 of 9 in .NET Canon PowerShot G11 Digital Field Guide
Canon PowerShot G11 Digital Field Guide
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The LCD monitor displays the status of the following shooting functions in Quick Shot mode: Shutter Speed Aperture Value AE Lock/FE Lock ISO Speed Exposure Compensation My Colors Flash Exposure Compensation Flash mode White balance Image quality Drive mode Self-Timer Histogram Camera orientation Image Stabilization Battery charge indicator Recordable shots Depending which of these functions you have turned on, the Quick Shot screen will also indicate the status of the following: i-Contrast Red-Eye Correction Date Stamp
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1.12 The Quick Shot screen of the G11 The interface is elegant, the type and symbols are large and easy to see, and the 4-Way Controller response is fast and accurate. I must say that I was very impressed with this new display on my rst few outings with the PowerShot G11 not only for its
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1 Anatomy of the PowerShot G11
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ability to quickly change settings but for its ability to pick one mode and see an illuminated, adjustable readout of those settings in the midst of a fast-paced shooting session.
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Face Detection modes
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The PowerShot G11 was designed rst and foremost to take great shots of people. Several features built in to the G11 support this objective, but probably none more so than the Face Detection modes. The G11 comes loaded with not just one but three Face Detection features for different types of shooting scenarios. Face Detection is a sophisticated technology that can detect and track numerous faces within the frame to ensure the correct exposure and focus for CROSS REF them. If that is not enough, the G11 also features Blink Detection that alerts you if someone in your shot blinked so you can retake the photo. This feature can also be turned off in the Shooting menu. See 2 for more information on setting Face Detection modes. The Face Detection features of the G11 include the following: Face AiAF. In Face AiAF mode, the G11 adjusts exposure and white balance to optimize exposure for people s faces. This is a great setting to use in most situations for photos with people in them. In rare occasions, the camera may blow out a few highlights attempting to get proper exposure on the face, but it does a much better job in dif cult lighting situations, resulting in faces that are bright and clear. This feature also works extremely well in strong backlit scenarios where your subject s face may be in a shadow, resulting in underexposure, or it counteracts overexposing faces that appear against darker backgrounds, which is common with digital cameras that don t include this technology. The G11 displays a white frame around the face it detects as the main subject and gray frames around the other faces in the scene. Face Selection. With the G11 set to Face AiAF in the Shooting menu, you also have the ability to choose which face to focus on when your shot includes more than one face. This is desirable in group shots where one face is more important to you than the others. Face Select mode displays an orange frame around the face it detects as the main subject, and the orange face frame follows this person s face, even if that person moves around in the scene. You are then free to move the face frame to a different face using the 4-Way Controller areas and the Control dial, and then shoot the picture.
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Canon PowerShot G11 Digital Field Guide
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Face Self-timer. With the Face Self-timer mode, gone are the days of having to run to get in the picture when shooting images with you in them. Previous G-series cameras gave you the option of a 2- or 10-second delay before the camera took the picture. Often, this wasn t enough time for the photographer to get into the group, resulting in poorly timed group photos. When the Shutter Release button is pressed, Face Self-timer waits until the G11 detects a new face entering the scene, indicated by the Self-timer beep and warning light speeding up, and after 2 seconds, the camera takes a series of three shots. If your face or the added face is not recognized by the camera, the camera takes the three pictures after approximately 30 seconds. Blink Detection. Although not actually a Face Detection mode, this new feature is related and bears mentioning here. As an added safeguard, Blink Detection alerts you via the LCD monitor anytime it detects what it perceives to be closed eyes in the picture. The camera displays a face icon with greater than/less than symbols for the eyes, allowing you to reframe and take an additional picture to make sure everyone s eyes are open. Blink Detection can be turned on or off in the Shooting menu.
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