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4-Way Controller
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Before getting into detail about the buttons and dials, you need to understand the function and navigation of the 4-Way Controller, usually referred to by one or more of its parts. You will use this control more than any other with the exception of the Shutter Release button. It functions very similar to the arrow keys on your computer keyboard and is used to move up, down, left, and right as you scroll through selections on the LCD monitor. Those same up, down, left, and right area movements also give you access to several core groups of functions. Some of these options may be inaccessible depending on your Shooting or Scene mode.
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1.1 The layout and option areas of the 4-Way Controller
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The 4-Way Controller on the PowerShot G11 includes the following functions: Control dial. This textured ring that surrounds the 4-Way Controller is used to make selections, adjust settings, adjust focus, and navigate the menus. It mimics the function of other controls, too, so give it a try rst to change a selection.
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1 Anatomy of the PowerShot G11
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Manual focus. When you press this icon the G11 switches to Manual focus mode and displays a magni ed area of the scene when you turn the Control dial. It also displays a focusing scale on the right-hand side of the LCD. You turn the Control dial to focus the magni ed area and thus the photo to make sure it s sharp. Flash control. Pressing this icon displays the ash mode options available to you in the particular Shooting mode setting you ve chosen. Flash options include Auto, On, Slow Synchro, and Off. Self-Timer. You access the ve Self-timer modes by pressing the clock icon at the bottom of the 4-Way Controller. The Self-timer allows delaying the camera s ring by 2 or 10 seconds, usually to allow the photographer to be in the shot, or when a new face enters the scene, or when using a special custom mode that allows you to set the delay time and the number of shots to be taken. Macro mode. Pressing the ower icon on the left side of the 4-Way Controller switches the camera lens between normal and Macro modes. Macro mode allows the lens to focus on objects that are very close; so close, in fact, that care must be taken not to bump the object with the front element of the lens. Instead of zooming in to frame the subject when you are shooting in Macro mode, keep your lens zoomed to the Landscape setting and move the camera TIP closer or farther away from the object to compose the shot. The G11 will be unable to focus on macro subjects using a telephoto lens setting in Macro mode.
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Top camera controls
Figure 1.2 shows the top camera controls, which provide ease of use so the thumbs and index ngers of both the right and left hands control common adjustments quickly without taking the camera away from the shooting position. The top camera controls are: Exposure Compensation dial. In Shooting modes, use this dial to adjust exposure anywhere between +2 to 2 stops off of the base exposure. Exposure Compensation lamp. This handy lamp illuminates in particular Shooting modes when adjusting Exposure Compensation is possible. 3 explains how to use the Exposure Compensation dial in more detail.
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Canon PowerShot G11 Digital Field Guide
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Lens barrel Flash
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Hot shoe/Flash sync contacts Microphone ISO dial
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Strap mount
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Zoom lever Shutter button Strap mount
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Exposure Compensation dial
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Exposure Compensation lamp
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Dioptric Adjustment dial
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ISO Mode Speed dial lamp
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On/Off button
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1.2 The G11 top camera controls
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Dioptric Adjustment dial. This small dial nestled to the left of the view nder is used to make adjustments for view nder clarity to suit your eyesight. It has no effect on the LCD monitor. The range of dioptric adjustment is 3 to +1. To set the dioptric adjustment, focus the lens by pressing the Shutter Release button halfway down, and then turn the knob until the image in the view nder is sharp. If you wear eyeglasses when shooting, like I do, be sure to wear them when setting the dioptric adjustment. Adjusting this dial to suit your eyes makes it very easy to review images on the LCD and go right back to looking through the view nder. Flash sync contacts. The hot shoe contains the standard ash sync contacts for mounting an external Canon EX-series Speedlite or the ST-E2 wireless transmitter to re remote ashes. Microphone. When shooting movies, the mono microphone picks up the voices and sounds in your scene and is the only audio input on the G11. Due to its close proximity to the camera controls, it also may pick up operational control sounds like zooming in and out or active camera handling, so be sure to keep these actions to a minimum when shooting video. ISO speed dial. In Shooting modes that allow it, this dial controls the ISO setting from Auto to ISO 3200. Use this dial in low light or overly bright situations to manually set the ISO.