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Identification and Authentication (I&A)
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writing down passwords is being reconsidered. The risk of having passwords compromised on the network has increased to the point where it significantly outweighs the risks of local compromise, that is, writing down passwords. One password guide [Geodsoft2002b] recommends recording sensitive passwords and protecting the recorded passwords, especially root or administrator passwords. This guidance may also apply when one person must remember a significant number of passwords. For example, multiple passwords could be stored and protected on a USB token.
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[NIST800-63] defines four levels of assurance for authentication. Level 1 allows password challenge-response protocols, and does not require cryptographic methods. Level 2 allows passwords, but requires a secure authentication protocol and the use of cryptographic techniques. Level 3 requires at least two authentication factors, of which one can be a one-time password. Level 4 also requires multi-factor authentication, but does not allow passwords: both factors must be physical cryptographic tokens.
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The new museum wing s security officer, engineering team, and system manager determine that two different password systems are needed to deal respectively with the high and low security situations described in the Example and Problem sections. 1. Password system for low-protection requirements: I&A for access to museum intranet. Value for each factor: Web Pages quick response code integrating for .net
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Composition: Digits (0 9) Length range: 4 6 Source: user Lifetime: one year Ownership: individual (personal password), group (access passwords) Entry: non-printing keypad Authentication period: each intranet session log-in, plus the end of each period of workstation inactivity that exceeds thirty minutes Distribution: unmarked envelope by post Storage: central computer on-line storage as plaintext Transmission: plaintext
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Password Design and Use 227
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2. Password system for high-protection requirements: I&A for access to sensitive museum data. Value for each factor:
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Length range: 6 8 Composition: full 95 character set Source: automated password generator within the authentication system Lifetime: one month Ownership: individual Entry: non-printing keyboards Authentication period: log-in and after five minutes of terminal inactivity Distribution: registered mail with receipt required Storage: encrypted passwords Transmission: encrypted communication with message numbering
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Dirk Riehle and colleagues have defined a Password pattern language that includes a few general security patterns and several specific password patterns [Riehle2002]. The language is a work in progress. Each pattern in the language addresses a very specific password issue such as a best practice item within the factors addressed in this pattern. For example, their DICTIONARY WORD pattern corresponds approximately to the Choose a phrase or combination of words to make the password easier to remember item in this pattern under the composition factors. Schumacher et al. introduced some password-related patterns [SRM03]. USER AUTHENTICATION PASSWORDS describes the general I&A approach that is based on passwords, a special case of something you know. Another pattern, PASSWORD QUALITY, addresses the design and definition issues of passwords. Finally, there is also a general pattern that deals with PASSWORD PROTECTION. There are further related patterns that are used to implement password protection, namely Physical Protection, a set of patterns that deals with SECURING LOCAL NETWORKS and a set of patterns that deal with SECURING WIDE AREA NETWORKS.
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The factors are well-known, and passwords themselves are used in most information systems, including operating systems and file systems. The factors are taken from [FIPS112], and the good practice material is taken from [FIPS112], [NIST800-63], and [Geodsoft2002a]. [NIST800-63] is a partial replacement for [FIPS112].
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Identification and Authentication (I&A)
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The benefits of applying this pattern are as follows:
Applying this pattern results in increased protection of passwords and consequently higher accuracy of I&A. The potential number of false positives resulting from such things as password guessing is expected to be reduced.
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The pattern also suffers from the following liability:
Applying this pattern may lead you to conclude that passwords is the only I&A technique that needs to be used. It is often better practice to adopt a strategy that combines passwords with another technique.
You can find a discussion of password combination considerations in AUTOMATED I&A DESIGN ALTERNATIVES (207) earlier in this chapter.