Protection of Passwords in .NET

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Protection of Passwords
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Distribution: acceptable methods for transporting a new password to its owner(s) and to all places where it will be needed Storage: acceptable methods of storing a valid password during its lifetime Transmission: acceptable methods for communicating a password from its point of entry to its point of comparison with a stored, valid password
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Best practice details on each of these factors, as well as recent evolution of thinking on what is best practice, are provided in the Implementation section. See figure on page 220.
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The general relationships among I&A requirements, password constraints, and passwords are illustrated in the figure above. A set of requirements for the specific domain under consideration clearly influences password constraints, which consist of several factors to be considered when selecting or designing passwords, as identified in the figure. The password constraints are used by engineers and administrators in building or selecting password systems, or configuring and managing passwords. The constraints constrain passwords that are defined by users.
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This section discusses classical best practice with respect to each of the factors introduced previously. It then briefly describes how some of the classical guidance is evolving to reflect the influence of the changing information technology environment. 1. Composition. Composition is the set of acceptable characters usable in a valid password. Consider the following good practice: Passwords should be composed from a defined set of ASCII characters. The password mechanism should verify that only characters in the defined set have been generated or selected whenever a password is created or changed.
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220 7
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Identification and Authentication (I&A)
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Constrain Influence Specific I&A requirements Password constraints
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Instance of avoid false positives avoid false negatives variety of user types variety of user locations variety of user mobility easy to use fast to use safe to use cost effective compatible with infrastructure able to protect passwords provide availability of process
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Instance of Composition Length range Lifetime Source Ownership Distribution Storage Entry Transmission Authentication period
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Password solution structure
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Include a digit or punctuation. Use upper and lower case. Choose a phrase or combination of words to make the password easier to remember. Two words separated by a non-letter non-digit character is acceptable. Use different passwords on different machines. When changing a password, don t reuse passwords or make only minor variations such as incrementing a digit.
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7.3 Avoid the following bad practice:
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Password Design and Use 221
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Do not use your account name or account data. Do not use any word or name that appears in any dictionary, reference or list regardless of case changes, and especially do not use character strings that appear in password cracking tools word lists or bad password lists. Do not use the following variations: phrases and slang with or without white space: Crystal ean13 generating on
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Any mythological, legendary, religious or fictional character, object, race, place or event Acronyms Alphabetic, numeric or keyboard sequences many such sequences are included in cracking tools word lists Titles of books, movies, poems, essays, songs, CDs or musical compositions
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Do not vary the character sequences obtained from any of the foregoing items. Specifically, do not use any of the following methods:
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Prepend or append symbols, punctuation marks or digits to a word Use words with some or all the letters reversed Use conjugations or plurals of words Use words with the vowels deleted Use only the first or the last character in uppercase Use only vowels in uppercase Use only consonants in uppercase
Do not use any personally-related information (see below). Do not use a publicly shown example of a good password. Do not use vanity license plates. Do not transliterate words from other languages. Do not repeat any character more than once in a row. Using personally-related information is poor practice. The most common examples of personal information include: names and initials, account name, names of immediate family members, names, breeds or species of pets, birthday, family member s birthdays, vehicle make, model, year, hobbies, interests, and job title. All permutations or combinations of the foregoing should also be avoided. 2. Length range. Length range is the set of acceptable lengths of passwords, defined in terms of a minimum and maximum number of characters in a valid password.