Password Design and Use 217 in .NET

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Password Design and Use 217
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7.3 Password Design and Use
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This pattern describes security best practice for designing, creating, managing, and using password components in support of I&A REQUIREMENTS (192). This pattern can aid three audiences: engineers, in selecting or designing commercial products that provide password mechanisms, administrators, in the operation and management of password mechanisms, and users, in improving their selection and handling of passwords.
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Employees of the museum need to gain access to the museum intranet, which is based on passwords. Enforcement of security policy has been lax, and it has been common practice for employees to write down passwords and leave them by their workstations, or even tape them to the display monitor. As a result, several incidents have occurred in which unauthorized staff and even visitors have gained access to sensitive information. The system administrators want to correct this problem, specifically to create good passwords and keep them secure. There are two situations that require passwords as part of I&A whose results are used for access control. First, a low level of security is needed for I&A used to gain access to the overall intranet. Second, a high level of security is needed for I&A used to gain access to sensitive information, including employee salary data.
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A password mechanism has been selected for user authentication on a specified segment of an information system. The person applying this pattern understands the requirements for I&A, along with their relative importance for example, from the results of applying I&A REQUIREMENTS (192).
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Identification and Authentication (I&A)
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How can passwords be created, managed, and used in a manner that retains password accessibility for their owners, but renders the passwords inaccessible to imposters In addition to forces relating to issues that apply to all I&A authenticators, the following forces specifically affect password practice:
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Stolen or guessed passwords can be used to masquerade as another person, which leads to false positives, that is, falsely confirming an unauthorized identity If passwords are stolen or compromised, assets whose protection relied on the confidentiality of the passwords can be damaged People need to remember their passwords in order to use them Passwords that are difficult to guess tend to be difficult to remember, which leads to false negatives, that is, falsely denying an authorized identity Passwords that are recorded can be intentionally or inadvertently discovered by someone else A person typically has many contexts in which a password is needed Using a single password in all contexts increases the potential scope of damage from password theft Using a different password in each context increases the difficulty of remembering each one, which in turn increases the pressure to record each one, reducing the protection of the passwords Passwords that are not changed periodically become increasingly susceptible to theft
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Ensure that passwords are properly designed and defined, properly used and properly protected. More specifically, consider several factors that address each area for example, consider the length of the password during design and definition. Determine how the factors can be used to best satisfy the I&A requirements for the specific domain being considered, such as a specific network or information system. The following factors should be considered:
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Design and Definition of Passwords
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Composition: the characters that are usable in a valid password Length range: the minimum and maximum acceptable number of characters in a valid password Source: the entities that can create or select a valid password from among all acceptable passwords
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Use of Passwords
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Password Design and Use 219
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Lifetime: the maximum acceptable period of time for which a password is valid Ownership: the set of individuals who are authorized to use a password Entry: acceptable methods by which a password may be entered by a user Authentication period: the maximum acceptable period between any initial authentication process and subsequent re-authentication processes during a single session
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