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Andy Longshaw
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Andy Longshaw is an independent consultant, writer and educator specializing in enterprise platforms (both .NET and J2EE), Web-based technologies, Web Services, and components, particularly the design and architectural decisions required to use these technologies successfully. In recent years, Andy has worked on Internet technology projects and architecture for organizations such as Tesco Stores and Barclays Bank.
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Andreas L. Opdahl
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Andreas L. Opdahl is Professor of Information Systems Development at the Department of Information Science and Media Studies, University of Bergen, Norway. He is the author, co-author or co-editor of more than fifty journal articles, book chapters, refereed archival conference papers and books on multi-perspective enterprise modeling, requirements engineering, information systems architecture, software performance engineering and other areas. He serves regularly as a reviewer for premier international journals and on the program committees of renowned international conferences and workshops, and is a member of IFIP WG8.1 on Design and Evaluation of Information Systems.
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xxviii About the Authors
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Ann Reedy
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Ann Reedy is a researcher and member of the technical staff in the Center for Innovative Computing and Informatics at the MITRE Corporation in McLean, VA. She has a broad background in both software engineering and enterprise architecture. She has supported the development of both enterprise architecture frameworks and enterprise architectures for DoD and a broad range of civil agencies. In addition to her recent research work on security patterns at MITRE, she has been working with Syracuse University in integrating security and enterprise engineering concepts in support of the Federal Enterprise Architecture Security and Privacy Profile. She is currently involved in providing enterprise architecture courses through the MITRE Institute and the Federal Enterprise Architecture Certification Institute.
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Naeem Seliya
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Naeem Seliya completed his Ph.D. in Computer Science at Florida Atlantic University in July 2005. His dissertation work was about the classification of error-prone software modules.
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Sasha Romanosky
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Sasha Romanosky, CISSP, holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Calgary, Canada and is currently pursuing graduate studies in Information Security at Carnegie Mellon. Sasha has been working with Internet and security technologies for over eight years, predominantly within the financial and e-commerce industries at companies such as Morgan Stanley and eBay. He coauthored the book J2EE Design Patterns Applied and has published other works on security patterns. Recently, Sasha collaborated with other leading industry professionals to develop the Common Vulnerability Scoring System (CVSS), an open framework for scoring computer vulnerabilities. His current research interests include vulnerability management and security metrics. His passion is information security. Sasha would like to thank his shepherds Duane Hybertson and Aaldert Hofman, as well as Markus Schumacher, for his vision in this book. Finally, Sasha would like to thank Theresa for her never-ending love and support.
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Markus Schumacher
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Markus Schumacher studied Electrical Engineering and Information Technology at the Darmstadt University of Technology (TUD). After finishing his studies in 1998, he was the leader of the IT Transfer Office (ITO) team that was and still is engaged in numerous national and international research projects in cooperation with wellknown companies and public institutions that include SAP AG, T-Systems, Fujitsu
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About the Authors xxix Laboratories, Digital Equipment Corporation, Siemens, Tenovis/Bosch Telecom, and the European Union. He planned and organized the Hacker Contest in which participants alternately play the roles of attacker and system administrator, thereby learning basic modes of attack as well as how to secure applications, operating systems and networks against them. The course is still offered by Markus former colleagues. Springer Verlag has published the results of this course as a book in the Xpert Press series. In May 2003, Markus finished his dissertation about Security Engineering with Patterns , also published by Springer in the LNCS series. In 2003, Markus joined the Product Security team of SAP AG in Walldorf, Germany. There he led a Common Criteria certification project, was responsible for reporting the compliance of SAP NetWeaver to the SAP product standard for security, and was a team member in the SAP Security Response team. In July 2005 he joined SAP s Research and Breakthrough Innovation division, where the new Business Process Platform (BPP), as well as new BPP-based solutions, are being developed.
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