Enterprise Security and Risk Management in .NET

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Enterprise Security and Risk Management
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This example expounds on the problem example provided earlier. As noted, the museum has gems that are irreplaceable and only partially insurable. They have a business priority for ensuring their integrity and availability by preventing their theft or any damage. The museum will therefore need to have strong I&A, access control, accounting, and security management services to protect the gems. Detection and response security approaches will also be provided as backups for the prevention approach. To provide integrity and availability for the detection approach, both I&A and accounting security services will be needed. For the response approach the security management service will also need to be dependable. The museum also indicated a real need to protect confidentiality of the real value of these gems by preventing that information from being easily obtained. In addition, the museum will need to ensure integrity of that information. This additional consideration for integrity of gem values to have a high business priority will need to be fed back into the earlier work to ensure it is captured. There is a high business priority for prevention of any lapses of confidentiality and integrity of gem data on insurance contracts, attributes (carats), purchase amounts, and appraisal values. To achieve the required prevention approach, stringent I&A, access control, and security management services will be needed. To achieve the required prevention as well as detection and response for preventing integrity violations of gem data, strong mechanisms for all four identified services will be needed. The museum has now reached a point at which they can begin to determine refinements for security services appropriate to support abstract selected services. Table 6.35 captures the museum s resolution of abstract security services to be used.
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The prevention-detection-response approaches identified in this pattern are well established functions in the security community. Likewise, security services identified in this pattern are well-established, although there is lack of consensus on names for some of them, notably accounting. The security services in this pattern are aligned with services in the taxonomy in 2. To a significant degree, criteria details in the Implementation section of this pattern are based on extensive MITRE Corporation experience with our customers. There are also some standards that include related information. For example, [ISO13335-4] discusses services and mechanisms under the name safeguards such as I&A, access control, audit, and security management, and associates these with security properties such as confidentiality and integrity. [NIST800-33] describes a security services model that includes identification, authentication, access control, audit, non-repudiation, and security administration services. The latter also maps services to a set of primary purposes or approaches: prevent, recover, and support.
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Table 6.35 Protecting museum assets
MUSEUM ASSET High value gems SECURITY PROPERTY Integrity availability SECURITY APPROACH Prevention
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Enterprise Security Services 171
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I&A Access control, e.g., locked glass display Accounting Security management I&A Accounting, e.g., surveillance camera I&A Accounting Security management I&A Access control, e.g., a safe Security management I&A Access control Accounting Security management
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Integrity availability Integrity availability
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Gem insurance contracts, attribute data (i.e., carats), purchase data, and appraisal data
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Prevention Detection Response
A specific example of how a prevention approach leads to use of the access control service is the Cisco use of Access Control Lists to protect networks, described in [ACL]. Examples of how accounting in the form of audit software supports detection of fraud are described in [CPA].
The following benefits may be expected from applying this pattern:
The pattern fosters management level awareness: all enterprise security patterns help management to better understand security as an overall issue, and gives them terminology and simple understanding of the underlying concepts without relying on details of the technology used to implement them. It facilitates conscious and informed decision making about security services to support identified security approaches.
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Enterprise Security and Risk Management
It promotes sensible resource allocation to protect assets. It allows feedback in the decision process to better adjust security services to the situation at hand by traceability back to business factors and security needs. It encourages better balance among security, cost, and usability of an asset. It shows that you can combine services to better and more cheaply protect an asset.
The following potential liabilities may result from applying this pattern:
It requires an investment of resources to apply the pattern, including time to analyze enterprise assets and security approaches. In some cases the cost of applying the pattern may exceed its benefits. It requires the involvement of people who have intimate knowledge of assets, and basic knowledge of asset security needs and security approaches. These people typically have high positions in the enterprise and their time is valuable. On the other hand, the pattern allows more people to be aware of the issues, so that after the initial investment of time, other people can be in a position to maintain and evolve the service selection. It is possible for an organization to assign people to this task who have less than adequate knowledge of assets, approaches, or services, because they may have more available time or are less expensive. If the people applying the pattern do not have good knowledge of enterprise assets and their value, the pattern results may be inaccurate or not useful. Perception of security needs can differ throughout an organization. This may make it difficult to reach agreement on priorities of services. On the other hand, bringing such disagreements to the surface may be a benefit, because then they can be properly discussed and resolved.