Common information asset categories and protections in .NET

Print QR Code 2d barcode in .NET Common information asset categories and protections
Table 6.2 Common information asset categories and protections
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PROTECTION NEEDED Confidentiality, integrity, availability, and accountability
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ASSET TYPE Personnel data (including payroll)
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BUSINESS FACTORS Privacy laws Competition issues
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DISCUSSION Privacy law will require that personnel private information be treated confidentially. Enterprise staff will need assurance that only human resource staff can modify their information. The data will need to be available to human resource staff as needed, and to financial staff to support payroll. Changes to personnel data must be accountable within the enterprise.
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Table 6.2
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Security Needs Identification for Enterprise Assets
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Common information asset categories and protections (continued)
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PROTECTION NEEDED Confidentiality, integrity, accountability
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ASSET TYPE Financial data (enterprise financial data)
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BUSINESS FACTORS Reporting requirements of tax collection agency Competition issues Nature of the enterprise (public, private, or stockheld)
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DISCUSSION Financial laws and the regulations of government agencies must be upheld in the enterprise or legal repercussions will ensue. Such laws and regulations will require that the financial data be protected from unauthorized modifications and that when modifications occur, there is a clear record of accountability in the enterprise. No enterprise willingly provides its financial data to its competition; the confidentiality of this information must be protected. An enterprise will need to provide confidentiality under contract law that may also require confidentiality of information related to participants in the contract. The modification of such contracts should be restricted to authorized and knowledgeable personnel and there should be a clear record of accountability in the enterprise.
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Legal data (for example, contracts and information on legal proceedings)
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Confidentiality, integrity, accountability
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Law Competition issues
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Enterprise Security and Risk Management
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Table 6.2 Common information asset categories and protections (continued)
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PROTECTION NEEDED Confidentiality, integrity, availability Web Pages bar code printer on .net
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ASSET TYPE Intellectual property (data and processes)
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BUSINESS FACTORS Partially dependent on the nature of the enterprise (public, private, stock-held) Some competition issues
DISCUSSION While some intellectual information (for example, advertisements) will be for the public, others, such as sensitive business processes, will not. Sensitive intellectual property may need restricted access. At the same time, if the business process contains design specifications, it may also need to be highly available within the enterprise. Enterprise privacy information may be contained in this data. If competitors are aware of the relationships with customers and business partners, they can cause an enterprise to lose its competitive edge. Access to all customer and partner data should be accounted for to ensure that it is not altered in unauthorized ways, and that access to the data is restricted. Unauthorized modification of the data could result in loss of enterprise reputation and/or business share. When such public information is made unavailable, a denial of service situation arises.
Customer and business partner data (including personal and financial data and intellectual property)
Confidentiality, integrity, accountability
Competitive issues Service issues if a public company
Public data (product/service information, advertisements, public enterprise information)
Integrity, availability
Service issues
Table 6.3
Security Needs Identification for Enterprise Assets
Common physical asset categories and protections
PROTECTION NEEDED Integrity, availability BUSINESS FACTORS Critical business processes
ASSET TYPE Buildings
DISCUSSION An enterprise needs to protect the buildings that provide a work environment for the enterprise from unauthorized modifications or destruction. By doing so, they also promote the availability of the buildings for the enterprise. An enterprise needs to provide environments that are safe for personnel to ensure the availability of critical personnel. In part they accomplish protecting personnel by establishing accountability for employees. Raw materials and durable goods need to be available for use in business processes as required. The enterprise needs to be able to assure its client base that manufactured products will be available as required. Damage, theft, or destruction of raw materials/durable goods will make them unavailable to support business processes. Likewise, damage, theft, or destruction of products will make them unsalable to clients.
Availability, accountability
Critical business employees and processes
Raw materials/ durable goods/ manufactured products
Integrity, availability
Need to minimize the cost of doing business
Enterprise Security and Risk Management
security. Clearly the finance department needs availability of financial data, but this pattern is an enterprise-level pattern, and across the typical enterprise availability of financial data is not a significant issue. In addition, this table is only representative of common associations. There may be variations for specific enterprises each will have its own business processes that may differ.
Example Resolved
This example solves the problem identified as the problem example described earlier. The museum enterprise identifies the following asset types and business factors: Information asset types
Museum employee data Museum financial/insurance data, partner financial data Museum contractual data and business planning Museum research and associated data Museum advertisements and other public data Museum database of collection information