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5.10 Related Security Pattern Repositories Patterns
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As of today, the following repositories of security patterns are known. This list is not exhaustive.
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Web Application Security
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Darrel M. Kienzle and Matthew C. Elder compiled a security patterns repository consisting of twenty-six patterns and three mini-patterns. The focus of these patterns is on Web application security. The patterns are available at archive/securitypatterns/. The final report of this project contains thumbnails for all patterns [KE02].
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Available and Protected Systems
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The Open Group published a technical guide that contains security design patterns. The catalog contains available system patterns and protected system patterns. [BH04]. It can be downloaded from the Open Group Web site at
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J2EE Security, Web Services and Identity Management
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A group at SUN (Chris Steel, Ramesh Nagappan, Ray Lai) offers a set of architectural security patterns for J2EE-based applications, Web Services and identity management. An outline of their patterns is available [SNL05].
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Enterprise Security and Risk Management
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Take calculated risks. That is quite different from being rash. George S. Patton
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This chapter contains patterns that address enterprise-wide security issues. The assumed context for an enterprise that uses these patterns is that the enterprise has some function or mission, and wants to address security issues as they relate to the larger enterprise mission. Some of the important information that is input to these enterprise security patterns is provided by this larger context. For example, the enterprise has some knowledge of its assets and how important they are to the enterprise: this information is important input for the security patterns. The focus of the patterns in this chapter is not on security issues that relate to specific systems or operations within the enterprise. That focus is the province of later chapters. However, the scope of patterns in this chapter does include policies, directives, or constraints that apply to all systems and all operations across the enterprise.
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Enterprise Security and Risk Management
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Enterprise level security concerns, as addressed in this chapter, are organized in four topic areas: identifying basic needs, assessing risks, moving toward mitigation and safeguarding, and external enterprise considerations. The topics and their associated security concerns are summarized in Table 6.1. This section elaborates on the concerns identified in Table 6.1, introduces the patterns presented in this chapter, and describes how each pattern addresses the concerns. Before an organization can protect its assets, it needs to know what assets it has and what types of protection they need. SECURITY NEEDS IDENTIFICATION FOR ENTERPRISE ASSETS (89) is intended to help you obtain this knowledge. It is the root pattern for all enterprise security concerns. It helps determine which properties of security should be applied to the assets of a particular enterprise. Security properties considered include confidentiality, integrity, availability, and accountability. After applying this pattern, the next step typically is to apply a set of risk assessment patterns to further calibrate the security needs of each asset type and so determine more specific security requirements. The set of risk patterns in this chapter help to evaluate assets, analyze threats, vulnerabilities, and risks, and assists in deciding how much protection is needed for each business asset type.
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Table 6.1 Enterprise topics and security concerns
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TOPIC Identifying basic needs SECURITY CONCERNS What assets are important to the enterprise (for example data, systems, physical property, employees) What asset properties need to be protected (for example confidentiality, integrity, availability, accountability) What is the value of enterprise assets What threats exist, that is, what potentially harmful circumstances might lead to violations of asset security What vulnerabilities exist, that is, what asset weaknesses can be exploited by a threat What are the relative risks to enterprise assets based on asset valuation, threat and vulnerability assessments What security approaches (for example planning, prevention, detection, operational diligence, and response) are needed to protect assets and mitigate risks What security services (for example identification and authentication, accounting, access control) are needed to protect assets and mitigate risks How can an enterprise protect its assets when communicating with external partners
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