Accounting Patterns in .NET

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5.6 Accounting Patterns
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Security events are violations that occur during operational activities. Decision makers need to be aware of security events that occur involving their assets. This need is addressed by security audit and accounting. The figure shows how all the requirements and potential design patterns are related, and indicates which ones are presented in this book. See figure on page 74.
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The Security Pattern Landscape
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Security accounting requirements
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Security accounting design
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Non-repudiation requirements
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Intrusion detection requirements
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Audit requirements
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Non-repudiation design
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Intrusion detection design
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Audit design
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= pattern described in book = potential pattern, not in book
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= B is logical successor to A, i.e., result of applying A is context of B
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Audit trails & logging requirements
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Audit trails & logging design
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Security accounting patterns and relationships
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Security Accounting Requirements
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A security accounting service must satisfy a set of requirements for both the service and the quality of service. The function of security accounting is to track securityrelated actions or events, such as damage to property, attempts at unauthorized database access, or transmission of a computer virus, and provide information about those actions. While each situation that calls for security accounting is unique, there are common generic requirements that apply to all security accounting situations. This pattern provides a common generic set of security accounting requirements. The pattern also helps you apply the general requirements to your specific situation, and helps you to determine the relative importance of conflicting requirements.
Security Accounting Design
General security accounting functions are capture, store, review, and report. Several services are available to support accountability and the security accounting functions.
Accounting Patterns
These services include audit, intrusion detection, and non-repudiation. This pattern helps you design an approach for satisfying your accounting requirements by employing an appropriate combination of these services.
Audit Requirements
The audit function is to analyze logs, audit trails or other captured information about an event, such as entering a building or accessing resources on a network, to find and report any indication of security violations. This pattern provides a common generic set of audit requirements, and helps you prioritize them.
Audit Design
Audit is a security service that scrutinizes logs, audit trails or other captured information and attempts to discern more detailed information about an event. It analyzes the event information for any indication of security violations. This pattern provides guidance to help you design an audit mechanism that satisfies your audit requirements and identifies your logging requirements.
Audit Trails and Logging Requirements
The audit trails and logging function is to capture audit logs and audit trails about events and activities that occur within an organization or system, to enable reconstruction and analysis of those events and activities. This pattern provides a common generic set of audit trails and logging requirements, and helps you prioritize them.
Audit Trails & Logging Design
Audit Trails & Logging is a security service that automates the capture of activities and events that occur within an enterprise, system, or defined domain. Audit trails are a series of records about system events or user activities. Audit trails can be used to reconstruct events, determine who is responsible for events, what malicious or unwanted activities have occurred, and analyze any problems. Logs are individual trails of information that may be combined into an audit trail. This pattern provides guidance to help you design an audit trail and logging mechanism that satisfies your requirements.
Intrusion Detection Requirements
Intrusion detection is a security service that automates the monitoring of events occurring in a computer system or network, and analyzes these events for any indication
The Security Pattern Landscape
of security violations. This pattern provides a common generic set of intrusion detection requirements, and helps you prioritize them.
Intrusion Detection Design
There are times when accounting results are used to support detection and response security approaches. That is, accounting results need to be obtained and provided with the explicit purpose of allowing a quick response to an event. Intrusion detection systems (IDS) are an example of this case. The Intrusion Detection service is used to monitor and analyze unauthorized or unwanted attempts to access a perimeter or a controlled area that is of importance to an enterprise. This pattern provides guidance to help you to design an intrusion detection mechanism that satisfies your requirements.