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Full Access with Errors
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Designing the user interface for a system in which different users are granted different access rights can be challenging. At one end of the spectrum is the approach taken
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5.5 Operating System Access Control Patterns by this pattern, which provides a view of the maximum functionality of the system, but issues the user with an error when they attempt to use a function for which they are not authorized.
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Limited Access
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Designing the user interface for a system in which different users are granted different access rights can be challenging. This pattern guides a developer in presenting only the currently-available functions to a user, while hiding everything for which they lack permission.
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5.5 Operating System Access Control Patterns
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We present architectural patterns for access control in operating systems. We assume here that resources are represented as objects, as is common in modern operating systems. The figure on page 72 shows how these patterns relate to each other. For example, authentication is needed for file access and for controlled object access, a subject must be authorized to access an object in a specific way, and we need to make sure that the requestor is not an impostor. The other three patterns, CONTROLLED OBJECT FACTORY (331), CONTROLLED OBJECT MONITOR (335), and CONTROLLED PROCESS CREATOR (328), complete the definition of the CONTROLLED EXECUTION ENVIRONMENT (346) pattern, where the creation of and access to objects are controlled. The diagram also shows that the CONTROLLED OBJECT MONITOR (335), the CONTROLLED EXECUTION ENVIRONMENT (346), and the FILE AUTHORIZATION (350) patterns are concrete examples of the REFERENCE MONITOR (256) of 8. Requirements for the AUTHENTICATOR (323) pattern can be found in 7.
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This pattern addresses the problem of how to verify that a subject is who it says it is. Use a SINGLE ACCESS POINT (279) to receive the interactions of a subject with the system and apply a protocol to verify the identity of the subject.
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Controlled Process Creator
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This pattern addresses how to define and grant appropriate access rights for a new process.
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The Security Pattern Landscape
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Uses Authenticator Uses
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Controlledobject factory
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Controlledprocess creator
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Provide controlled object Controlled execution environment File access
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Provide controlled access
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Control access Controlledobject monitor Enforce access Uses May use
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Enforce access
Reference monitor
Controlled VAS
Enforce access
Operating system access control patterns
Controlled Object Factory
This pattern addresses how to specify the rights of processes with respect to a new object. When a process creates a new object through a factory (see FACTORY METHOD and ABSTRACT FACTORY [GoF95]), the request includes the features of the new object. These features include a list of rights to access the object.
Controlled Object Monitor
This pattern addresses how to control access by a process to an object. Use a reference monitor to intercept access requests from processes. The reference monitor checks whether the process has the requested type of access to the object.
Accounting Patterns
Controlled Virtual Address Space
This pattern addresses how to control access by processes to specific areas of their virtual address space (VAS) according to a set of predefined access types. Divide the VAS into segments that correspond to logical units in the programs. Use special words (descriptors) to represent access rights for these segments.
Execution Domain
Unauthorized processes could destroy or modify information in files or databases, with obvious results, or could interfere with the execution of other processes. Therefore, define an execution environment for processes, indicating explicitly all the resources that a process can use during its execution, as well as the type of access to the resources.
Controlled Execution Environment
If a process execution environment is uncontrolled, processes can scavenge information by searching memory and accessing the disk drives where files reside. They might also take control of the operating system itself, in which case they have access to everything. Use AUTHORIZATION (245) to define the rights of a subject. From these rights we can set up the rights of processes running on behalf of the subject. Process requests are validated by CONTROLLED OBJECT MONITOR (335) or REFERENCE MONITOR (256) respectively.
File Authorization
This pattern describes how to control access to files in an operating system. Authorized users are the only ones that can use a file in specific ways. Apply AUTHORIZATION (245) to describe access to files by subjects. The protection object is now a file component that may be a directory or a file.