Enterprise Security Services in .NET

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Enterprise Security Services
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This pattern guides an enterprise in selecting security services for protecting its assets, after the required security approaches prevention, detection, response have been identified. It helps to establish the level of strength or confidence each security service should offer, based on priorities. Primary examples of such services are identification and authentication, accounting/auditing, access control/authorization, and security management.
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Enterprise Partner Communication
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Enterprises often partner with third parties to support their business model. These third parties may include application and managed service providers, consulting
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The Security Pattern Landscape
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firms, vendors, outsourcing development teams, and satellite offices. As part of this relationship, access must be granted to allow data to travel between the organizations. Without attention to the protection of that data and the methods by which they are transferred, one or both organizations may be at risk.
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Other Related Patterns
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IBM provides a series of e-business patterns that address enterprise interaction [IBM]. These patterns relate to the ENTERPRISE PARTNER COMMUNICATION (173) pattern. The IBM patterns focus on variations in topology, while ENTERPRISE PARTNER COMMUNICATION (173) focuses on process and exchange methods. More details are provided in the discussion of ENTERPRISE PARTNER COMMUNICATION (173) at the end of this collection. The Appropriate Process Movement has identified a set of risks and produced corresponding risk-mitigation patterns [APM] that have some relation to the set of risk assessment patterns. While both sets of patterns address risk management, the Appropriate Process Movement patterns are oriented more towards general engineering and project risks, while the risk-assessment patterns in this collection are focused on security risks.
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5.2 Identification & Authentication (I&A) Patterns
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The relationships between the patterns for I&A is shown in the figure below. The figure also shows which patterns are introduced in this chapter. Additional potential patterns are also shown to present a more complete I&A picture. See figure on page 63. I&A REQUIREMENTS (192) is the root pattern of all I&A patterns, as it helps to determine which of the subsequent patterns should be used. This pattern helps you to capture your specific requirements for the I&A service as a black box. AUTOMATED I&A DESIGN ALTERNATIVES (207) assumes that you will use some form of automated I&A, as opposed to physical or procedural I&A. Multiple types of automated I&A are available, and AUTOMATED I&A DESIGN ALTERNATIVES (207) helps to you select one or more types.
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Patterns for two of the automated I&A types are presented in this chapter: first, PASSWORD DESIGN AND USE (217) provides best practice guidance on password I&A. This guidance applies both to designers, who enforce constraints on passwords, and users, who select passwords. Second, the BIOMETRICS DESIGN ALTERNATIVES (229) pattern helps you to select among multiple biometrics I&A alternatives that are available. SESSION MANAGEMENT SERVICE: a service that establishes linkages between an external entity, a set of actions, and the identity that is output from I&A.
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Several potential patterns are related to the I&A patterns.
Identification & Authentication (I&A) Patterns
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I&A requirements
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I&A design alternatives
Procedural I&A
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Automated I&A design alternatives
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Physical I&A
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Password design and use
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Biometrics design alternatives
PKI design variables
Hardware token design alternatives
Unregistered users I&A requirements
Face recognition I&A
Finger image I&A
Iris scan I&A
Magnetic card I&A
Smart card I&A
Key ring token I&A
= pattern described in book = potential pattern, not in book
A = B is logical successor to A, i.e., result of applying A is context of B
= B and C are alternative successors to A C
Identification and authentication patterns
ACTOR REGISTRATION OR ENROLLMENT SERVICE: a security support service that establishes links between an external entity and an internal identity record. ACCESS CONTROL SERVICE: this service uses the identity output from I&A. ACCOUNTING SERVICE: this service uses the identity output from I&A.
The Access Control service is described by the patterns in s 8, 9, and 10 of this book. The Accounting service is described by the patterns in 11 of this book.
I&A Requirements
An identification and authentication (I&A) service must satisfy a set of requirements for both the service and the quality of service. The function of I&A is to recognize an individual and validate the individual s identity. While each situation that calls for I&A is unique, there are common generic requirements that apply to all I&A situations. This pattern provides a common generic set of I&A requirements. The pattern