Hacker Groups in .NET

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Hacker Groups
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Hacker groups constitute another important group of security information providers. Motivated in various ways and typically with high expertise, these groups of people are engaged in uncovering vulnerabilities. Some of them also publish their insights. In contrast to CERT-like organizations, they often don t care whether a too-early disclosure of a vulnerability and its exploitation could lead to severe damage. Exchanging information, hacker groups often operate Web sites and sometimes public USENET newsgroups or instant messaging channels. The Chaos Computer Club (CCC) and Phrack are examples of hacker groups that offer their own Web content.
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Security Companies
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Many consulting companies for security, as well as manufacturers of security software, publish security-related information on a regular basis. By nature this is not an unselfish act, but rather a proof of competence. In the case of a software manufacturer, it can also be seen as advertising for their product portfolio. For example, the Australian company INFILSEC Systems Security called its vulnerability database a vulnerability engine that can serve as a tool for manufacturers, system administrators, security consultants and analysts. The idea was to develop and operate a central repository for vulnerabilities of operating systems, applications, and protocols. Besides, it was planned to store information about solutions and to use mailing lists such as Bugtraq as input. Another example is Internet Security Systems (ISS), which sells security software and offers consulting services. They also operate the vulnerability database X-Force.
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Sources for Security Pattern Mining
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Software and IT Companies
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Software and IT companies represent another source of security information on their own. They publish information about security problems and corresponding solutions that employ their products. We can safely assume that almost no company publishes such information on a voluntary basis. Typically, information is only released if a vulnerability is publicly discovered by a third party such as a CERT or a hacker groups. Such information is therefore usually available before an official announcement by the company affected. Microsoft s security mailing list is one example of such a vendor-driven publication about product-related security information.
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Newsgroups and Mailing Lists
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Presuming that wily hackers always have up-to-date information about security holes, newsgroups on USENET and dedicated security mailing lists represent the most recent information sources that are publicly available. Contributions come from hackers, employees of IT companies and other IT professionals. As representatives for such newsgroups, we use the following examples:
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comp.security.unix comp.security.ssh comp.security.misc de.comp.security comp.lang.java.security comp.os.ms-windows.nt.admin.security comp.os.netware.security comp.security.firewalls
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There are also several security mailing lists [Bugtraq03] and [Alert03] being among the most useful. A more complete list of both security-related newsgroups and mailing lists is provided by Hurler [Hur00].
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Patterns Scope and Enterprise Security
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First comes thought; then organization of that thought, into ideas and plans; then transformation of those plans into reality. The beginning, as you will observe, is in your imagination. Napolean Hill
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This chapter describes the scope and context of the security systems and patterns and how they are organized in the book. 5 presents a catalog that briefly identifies and describes known security patterns. Almost all of them are contained in this book: some are published elsewhere, and a few are identified as potential patterns (that is, they are not yet written). The actual patterns are documented in s 6 through 13. This organization scheme is motivated by two aims. The first is to present the pattern material in a clear way to our primary audiences, and to facilitate their use of the patterns. The second is to structure the pattern material in a way that is consistent
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Patterns Scope and Enterprise Security
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with the security domain. The two aims imply a need for an organization that enterprise engineers and planners, systems and software engineers, and operations managers will find useful, and that simultaneously maps to the security taxonomy described in 2. This chapter describes the organization we defined to achieve those aims. This chapter is structured as follows:
First, a discussion of the scope of the various parts of the book is presented in Section 4.1 to help explain the organization. This is followed by a discussion of organization factors in Section 4.2. The factors represent more specific requirements for the organization scheme. Section 4.3 then describes the resulting organization of the pattern landscape catalog ( 5) and the patterns (s 6 through 13). Section 4.4 describes the mapping of the security taxonomy to the patterns chapters. Section 4.5 presents an example of how the pattern organization can support both security integration and separation as part of a larger engineering and organizational context, using an enterprise architecture framework.
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