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SANS Institute
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The SANS (Sys-Admin, Audit, Network, Security) Institute was established as a research and education organization in 1989 [SANSb]. The idea is that people involved in system and network security can share their knowledge the lessons they are learning and identify solutions for recent problems. As a recognized forum for security professionals, the SANS Institute provides several programs and products that are valuable and usually free of charge sources for mining security patterns. For example, the security policy project gives guidance for everyone that needs to develop and implement a security policy [SANSc]. The resources provided include a
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Sources for Security Pattern Mining
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primer to policy development, together with example policies and templates. Such information is very useful when you are looking for patterns at the enterprise level. Another important resource is the SANS Information Security Reading Room [SANSd]. This contains more than 1,100 contributions that are categorized in seventy different security categories. For example, you can find white papers on case studies, best practices, firewalls and perimeter protection, encryption and VPNs, and many more. Note that SANS tries to ensure the accuracy of its information, but the papers are offered as is.
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Burton Group
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The Burton Group is an example of a company that has offered analysis of infrastructure technologies since 1990. One of the areas it covers is the provision of guidance in enabling secure access to business services over standard infrastructures. A research and consulting service of the Burton Group deals, for example, with directory and security strategies. This includes topics such as identity management authentication, access management, provisioning, as well as single or reduced signon, the security of directory services and Web security intrusion, detection, prevention and response, as well as managed security services. The Burton Group claims to offer unbiased insights at the enterprise level. It is possible to access their library as a guest, although access is only possible if you register as a client.
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Operational and Run-time Resources
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Searching for security patterns leads to another viewpoint. To an engineer, it makes sense to examine situations in which systems have failed. Learning from typical errors and trying to find out how they could have been prevented can also provide input for security patterns: the author can look for common pitfalls in specific systems. Because of this, we also introduce selected sources, that provide information on system and run-time problems that need immediate fixes. There are also resources of this kind that provide information at the architectural level.
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Computer Incident Response Teams
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Engaged in security improvement since the Morris Internet worm incident in the late eighties, the Computer Emergency Response Teams (CERT) are counted among the most respected security information providers. CERTs are often non-profit organizations that evolve from larger security projects or organizations. The ancestor of all CERTs is the CERT Coordination Center (CERT/CC) at Carnegie Mellon University [CERTa]. In Germany there are, for example, the DFN-CERT [DC], which evolved from the German Research Network (Deutsches Forschungsnetz, DFN) and the
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Security Patterns
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RUS-CERT [RC] established at the University of Stuttgart. Another well-known example is the Australian CERT-AU [CA]. A primary goal of any CERT organization is to assemble, process and provide information about vulnerabilities. By means of advisories, they warn regularly about severe vulnerabilities that could have major impact. They also observe areas such as viruses and Trojan horses. As CERTs attach great importance to the completeness of the information included in the advisories, these are not always up-to-date, as it requires time to collect and verify all the information about a specific vulnerability and how it can be fixed. Furthermore, CERTs follow a non-disclosure publication policy they only publish an advisory when a fix or workaround is guaranteed. Often this also delays the publication of an advisory. Beyond advisories, CERT/CC offers two other types of notifications:
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Vulnerability notes contain information about recently-discovered vulnerabilities. These notes can evolve into advisories at a later time. Incident notes, which contain information about the occurrence of exploitations of potential vulnerabilities.
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