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IT Baseline Protection Manual
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The German IT Baseline Protection Manual offers the default security countermeasures that should be considered for any IT system [BSI02]. Overall threat scenarios are assumed, and a process for the establishment and preservation of an appropriate security level is described. A straightforward procedure for determination of the current security level by conducting a plan or actual comparison is provided. As such this standard is not necessarily limited to national use, and is another valuable source for mining security patterns. The IT Baseline Protection Manual provides countermeasures against threats that can occur in different layers. This seems to fit naturally with the pattern terminology. However, there are several important differences. With respect to the context, a 5tier IT baseline protection model is provided. This covers universally applicable aspects, the infrastructure, IT systems, networks, and IT applications. Within these layers several modules can be identified. For example, the module Unix system belongs to the layer of IT systems. Each module is assigned to a layer and a description of the module specifies the context in more detail. Within this description, assumptions concerning the module and its environment are made. Threats are organized into five catalogs in which each represents a class of threats that characterize them by their origin: force majeure, organizational shortcomings, human failures, technical failures, and deliberate acts. There are several hundred individual threats, about a third of them belonging to the class of deliberate acts. Beside a description of each threat, references to related threats are provided. Examples of recent occurrences of corresponding attacks are also sometimes given. Each module contains a threat scenario, a list of typical threats that are assumed to IT baseline protection of the given module. The safeguard catalogs that contain sets of countermeasures are also organized into classes. The characteristic of each class is the point at which a countermeasure is going to be applied: infrastructure, organization, personnel, hard- and software, communications and contingency planning. For each safeguard, a responsibility for initiation and implementation is assigned. A description of how to implement the safeguard is provided. If available, relationships to complementary countermeasures are listed. Furthermore, additional controls are mentioned, such as check-lists of questions. The IT Baseline Protection Manual also features several types of relationships. First of all, there are explicit relationships between the modules. This can be seen as a sort of precondition, allowing a sense of a hierarchy to be implemented: the countermeasures of a more general module hold also for a lower-level module. There are also relationships between threats, as well as between countermeasures. However,
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Security Patterns
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each module covers more than one problem and more than one solution in a given layer-based context. This is not consistent with the pattern paradigm of one context, one problem, one solution, and blurs the relationships between threats and countermeasures. As a consequence each module contains more than one pattern, and the relationships and dependencies between them are not obvious to pattern authors. Although a matrix that shows the assignment of threats and countermeasures is available, this additional knowledge cannot be used in a straightforward way, because one would always have to check explicitly which countermeasures protect against which threats.
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Enterprise and System Architecture Resources
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Beside national and international security standards, there are several companies and organizations that offer security information at a broad architectural enterprise and system level. In the following we discuss selected examples briefly.
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Founded in 1901, the National Institute for Standards and Technology (NIST) is an agency within the U.S. Commerce Department s Technology Administration. One of NIST s eight divisions is the Computer Security Division (CSD), which publishes much information about security [NIST03]. They offer and promote awareness programs and research programs, as well as programs for developing security standards, metrics, and tests and validation programs. They also guide people in planning, implementing, managing and operating secure IT environments. The home page of the Computer Security Resource Center (CSRC) Web site offers much information that can help in writing security patterns. For example, a set of best practices, check-lists and implementation guidelines is provided. There is also is a set of relevant federal requirements for writing security policies, together with an example. Beside such information organized by topic, NIST also offers a variety of security-related documents in their digital library.
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