In Which Situations Can the Solution Be Applied in .NET

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In Which Situations Can the Solution Be Applied
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Once you have determined that you do have the same problem, you might consider to apply the same solution. Another interesting aspect now arises for consideration: the context of the problem. Imagine you are a sheep farmer and you consider building a four-foot high fence. That might be the solution to the problem of your animals getting out of your farm. But will this solution fit for any farmer with the problem of his animals getting out of the farm Will this solution work for a chicken farmer with the problem of his chicken getting out of the farm That is the importance of the context of the problem.
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Public key infrastructure (PKI) is a system that allows third-party vetting of user identity and binding of public keys to users. The public keys are typically in certificates.
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Security Patterns
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There are multiple aspects to consider in the context of the problem:
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Type of organization: the size of the organization, the style of management, local or international, and so on Line of business: governmental, financial, industrial, and so on Culture of the organization or its users: formal or informal, hierarchically structured, and so on Traditional or e-business: purely traditional, business-to-business, business to consumer, e-government, and so on High reputation, in the spotlight: low-profile, the level of media attention, public reputation, attractiveness to hackers, and so on
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What Forces Determine the Solution
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By now you have established that you not only consider the same solution, but that in fact you do have the same problem in the same context. Alas, this still does not guarantee the correct working of the solution. There are specific forces that influence the correct working of the solution, and it s wise to learn these forces and take them into consideration when building the solution. These forces may include, but are not limited to:
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The number of users The use to which the system is put The type of users Whether the system exists in a homogenous or a heterogeneous environment The awareness of security in the organization
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The benefit of a pattern is that relevant forces are documented and explained in the pattern, which helps you to recognize and deal with the forces when you choose the solution.
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What are the Consequences of the Solution
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Do you always know the consequences of your choices Well, of course there are certain situations in life in which you certainly do not even want to know the consequences of your choices. In providing security however, it is better to think about the consequences beforehand in order to avoid mistakes, incomplete or even wrong solutions. A pattern describes the consequences of the solution it provides, which can include:
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Maintenance: regular or irregular, amount or frequency, and so on Costs: not only in buying, but also licenses, long-term costs, and so on
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Sources for Security Pattern Mining
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Decrease of usability Suitability of the solution in the future Knowledge: required education, knowledge maintenance, ease of understanding, and so on Whether it is a point solution or part of a framework
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Lessons Learned (By Others)
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One of the best parts of a pattern, which you get for free, is the experience of others. Practical experience, not theory that is what this is about. What did others learn about implementing the solution How do they describe the things to do or not to do. In fact, things not to do might even be more valuable. Benefits and pitfalls are also included. One of the most interesting aspects to consider is the situation in which the solution is not applicable, despite the problem and the context. These are things you will not find in textbooks.
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There is More Than the Solution
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Of course, the solution is the most important and interesting part of a pattern. However, there is definitely more to consider. Rethink the problem, pay attention to the context and think about forces, consequences and lessons learned. Furthermore, references point to more detailed treatment of specific subjects, and a system of patterns shows how different but related security areas are interconnected, which further promotes security integration. These aspects together are part of a pattern and that is the added value of a pattern. It is critical to implement the right solution, especially in security, taking into account all necessary aspects, because just implementing the solution might lead to a false sense of security. Using security patterns helps you to address this.
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