Characteristics of Security Patterns in .NET

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Characteristics of Security Patterns
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patterns [HLF00]. The GoF book [GoF95] mentions the possible use of proxies for distributed systems security. A pattern for a remote secure proxy is given in [Amo01]. Authentication in distributed systems is considered in [Bro99] and [FW03].
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Agent systems is a new area in which security patterns have been applied recently [MGS03]. Layers, one of the fundamental patterns in [POSA1], was re-interpreted as a security pattern in [FP01]. All these patterns are about systems aspects. Enterprise-oriented patterns appeared for the first time at EuroPLoP 2002, including patterns for task-based rights management [EH02] and for a variety of management aspects [Rom02].
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Some paper discuss general aspects of security patterns:
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A general discussion of security patterns including some network security patterns is presented in [SR01]. Araujo and Weiss link patterns to non-functional requirements in [AW02]. The correspondence of patterns to levels is discussed in [FF99].
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The PLoP 2002 and EuroPLoP 2002 and 2003 conferences had Focus Groups on security patterns and a special Web site,, has been created to keep track of existing patterns and to establish a non-profit forum for security pattern enthusiasts [Sch]. This book is the result of the EuroPLoP meetings. Beside this mini-community, other groups have started to work on security patterns. A selection of these patterns is outlined in 5.
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3.2 Characteristics of Security Patterns
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Referring to the pattern template we introduced in Section 1.7, Documenting Patterns, we identify the key pattern elements that reveal the characteristics of a security pattern. Not all elements are listed here, as there is no difference between security patterns and regular patterns (for example, regarding structure and dynamics). In short, we define a security pattern as follows:
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A security pattern describes a particular recurring security problem that arises in specific contexts, and presents a well-proven generic solution for it. The solution consists of a set of interacting roles that can be arranged into multiple concrete design structures, as well as a process to create one particular such structure.
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Security Patterns
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In order to illustrate the context of a security pattern, references to concrete examples could be provided. Analogies to real-world scenarios are also suitable, such as the evolution of a medieval village that is used in 9, System Access Control Architecture, which helps to introduce the context and problem. In some situations a quite straightforward example is useful, while in other situations a more elaborate example fits better. For example, protecting the addresses of a monastery a tribute to the monastery of the Kloster Irsee, which hosts the EuroPLoP conferences addresses security in a small organization with hardly any experience or awareness of security. In contrast, protecting gemstones in a museum addresses security in quite a large organization with experience and awareness on security.
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The context of the security pattern describes the situation the general environment and conditions under which the problem occurs. It can also be useful to list patterns that set the context, that is, patterns that have been applied before. Such patterns might be required to ensure that certain requirements or assumptions hold.
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In the field of security a problem occurs whenever an asset, such as an enterprise, a system, or an application, is protected in an insufficient way against abuse, or a situation arises that can allow security violations. Such security violations can occur at different levels, such as organization, architecture, and operations, and this determines the type of the solution. In addition, every application for example, financial management has both functional requirements and non-functional requirements: the associated forces. Non-functional requirements include non-security requirements such as performance, as well as security requirements such as the confidentiality of business financial data. In the process of applying countermeasures in the form of security components or systems, such as biometric authentication, to satisfy the security non-functional requirements of the mission system, an analogous set of requirements applies to the security system: functional, non-security non-functional (for example, performance), and security non-functional (for example, confidentiality of biometric information). Security usually has an impact on many other requirements, such as performance and usability. For example, a specific solution can be easier to learn, slower, or more difficult to use. The figure illustrates how various forces can support or hinder one another. Based on the preferences of the user for example, performance is an important issue the most suitable solution needs to be identified. The solution must balance such conflicting requirements.
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