Ecosystem-integrated and agile principles in .NET

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Table 15.9 Ecosystem-integrated and agile principles
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PRINCIPLE NAME Security as a business issue Need to protect Manage risk Entity-to-entity security Fail securely Security goals before means Time-based security Security guard Divide and conquer The network as a battleground Peace or war Immune system Layered security Defence in depth Watch the watchers Enlist the users Return on investment Security in every change Mature through time Issue-driven
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PRINCIPLE TYPE Mindset Mindset Mindset Mindset Mindset Mindset Mindset Architecture Architecture Architecture Architecture Architecture Architecture Architecture Architecture Architecture Execution Execution Execution Execution
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Supplementary Concepts
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Introducing Mindset Principles
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Embedding security in an organization can be done in many ways. Whether or not this is successful depends on non-technical aspects like the type of organization, the environment, regulations, the type of business, the maturity of the management functions and business processes, and the maturity of IT processes. Besides this, human and cultural aspects are very important as well. This wide range of factors makes it sensible to document how you perceive security, in order to create a clear and uniform starting point for embedding security in the organization. Mindset principles can be used to build a corporate security strategy, building perception on security.
Security as a Technical Issue
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In the mindset of general management, security is perceived as a purely technical issue. A technical problem needs to be resolved with technology: the IT department is the main source of action. Security is not on the agenda of the general management team and business requirements are weak. IT management owns the problem: the IT department knows everything about technical issues. The CIO, ICT/information manager is the problem owner and it should stay that way. Of course, they re the one to blame when incidents occur. People from the ICT department are aware of the problem, they think. If something goes wrong, the IT department gets the blame. The challenge is to achieve a sufficient level of protection by technical means, that is, to be pretty sure that nothing can go wrong. What needs to be protected and why is not an issue. Projects tend to be delayed because security is a bottleneck. Business people ask themselves why security hampers new business activities, or why security always seems to be the problem
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Security is a Business Issue
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In the mindset of general management security is perceived as an enabler for new business and/or improved business processes. Business processes can easily cross boundaries of organizations towards customers, partners and citizens. Security is on the agenda of the management team. The team is committed to keep the level of security in balance with the actual level of threats to business processes. Security is an important subject in every business contact of the organization. For every new business initiative, a risk analysis is performed to make sure that risks are managed from the business perspective. Security isn t about risk avoidance it s about risk management.
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Uncontrolled Access
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There are no formal procedures for authorization management. It is not clear who in the organization are authorizing people. There is a lot of trust within organizations
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Security Principles and Security Patterns 515
that no-one will misuse their rights to look at or use information and applications other than is strictly needed to perform a specific role. The culture is open, nobody has a problem with the fact that the amount of information that is widely shared is very high. Efficiency and simplicity in doing the job is more important than doing it securely. Management is not committed to information security at all.
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Need to Protect
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The organization performs a corporate risk assessment to determine which information assets are very important for the organization or its stakeholders. This analysis will also supply information about why certain information assets are important. The security aspects that are determined are confidentiality, integrity, and availability. When the risk threshold set by the business owner is exceeded, the asset will be protected accordingly. The stance of this principle is that everything is permitted unless explicitly forbidden.
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