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IP telephony systems provide seamless integration of the computer network and communication infrastructure of the company. The IP telephony infrastructure is also used for internal calls between subsidiaries. The system also provides the ability to place calls via the traditional telephone network. The devices provide autoconfiguration, such that the phones use DHCP to obtain their IP address and register at the registration servers. This allows flexible for working and user mobility. Moreover, the end systems are remotely manageable. Two different kinds of groups will use the IP telephony infrastructure: administrators and users. Both user types and their assigned actions are defined within a set of policies. The users group can be further subdivided into regular users and anonymous users. An anonymous user can perform the following action:
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Placing calls. The user can place calls from the phone if the phone is not locked by the legitimate user.
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The regular user can perform the following actions:
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Log-in to the IP phone. After successful authentication, the user is granted access to the user configuration menu. Phone configuration. After successful log-in, the menu is displayed to the user. The menu allows the user to edit personal settings and address books on the current device. Place calls. The user can initiate and receive calls to or from any destination within the policy settings. Calls to specific (such as costly) service numbers, or long-distant calls via the PSTN, might be rejected. Register. The phones possess an auto-configuration feature. The user can plug the phone into any Ethernet network access point in building, and call routing will be automatically changed accordingly. The user must therefore be allowed to register the network address of their phone with a symbolic name (or number) at the company s registration server.
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In addition to user task, the administrator can perform the following actions:
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Log-in to IP telephony server. After successful authentication an administrator session is created, giving access to the system-wide configuration menu.
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Case Study: IP Telephony
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System Configuration. After successful log-in the administrator is able to configure the IP telephony system s components. This includes the settings of all IP telephony servers, such as the registration server, proxy or gateways, as well as the network and signaling settings of the end systems. Log-out, terminate the administrator session.
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Vulnerabilities of IP Telephony Components
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Signaling and media transport both rely on the same network infrastructure, the IP network, compared to conventional telephony via the PSTN, where there is a certain level of isolation, for example the B- and D-channels in ISDN. This increases the risk of system misuse. In IP telephony systems there is no physical separation between the signaling plane and the media plane both run over the IP network, which is also used by other services. Additionally, both end system and infrastructure components are often fully-featured computers that are able to fulfill many other tasks, such as providing HTTP-based management interfaces. Further, the network infrastructure used for IP telephony is not maintained or controlled by a single authority or a small set of trustworthy providers. Instead, rather the signaling and media plane might rely partly on untrusted networks, components and operators. Based on these facts, one can conclude that not only telephony-related security problems, for example possible loss of conversation privacy, can occur. IP telephony systems are based on normal network and computer systems and interfere with them. The resulting security problem domain is considerably larger when compared to a standard PSTN-based telephony system, as physical access to the network is required. While the traditional telephone networks offer trust-by-wire to ensure a certain grade of confidentiality, IP telephony therefore needs to use cryptographic methods to achieve protection. In contrast to the switched telephone network, signaling in IP telephony applications is transported through the public Internet. This leads to easy access that can allow intruders to perform packet sniffing and injection of malicious signaling. The use cases here will further concentrate on IP telephony-specific problems, however, and not mention for example that routers or other general infrastructure components are also vulnerable.
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