The Fundamentals of IP Telephony 485 in .NET

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The Fundamentals of IP Telephony 485
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functionalities. The functionalities of these services go beyond the parameterizationonly services supported by the PSTN. Call Processing Language (CPL) [LS00] is a prominent method to create such services. The individual scripts are executed on a telephony feature server. Several additional server components can be found in IP telephony systems. Feature Servers provide mechanisms that allow users to create and deploy customized services. Redirect Servers play a key role in supporting personal mobility for SIP. To allow conferencing facilities, Multipoint Control Units (MCU) offer floor control and mixing capabilities. All these servers are also vulnerable to threats, but are not covered in detail in this section.
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Gateways form a translation point between two networks with different characteristics. Media gateways perform transcoding between different codecs, while signaling gateways translate between different signaling protocols. The gateway acts as a logical combination of two end systems for each protocol cloud in a back-to-back manner. An extensive analysis on the various signaling gateways for heterogeneous IP telephony networks can be found in [Ack03]. Another gateway that is often found in IP telephony set-ups is a gateway to the PSTN. This component allow calls from within IP telephony networks to be routed to participants on the traditional telephone network and vice versa.
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IP telephony signaling and media streaming
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The signaling messages convey basic information to set up, modify and take down multimedia sessions. Additionally, media descriptions are exchanged between the components. An IP telephony system architecture comprises a signaling and a media transport plane as well as several telephony components. Signaling in IP telephony systems usually traverses a number of telephony servers. These perform applicationlayer routing and address lookup operations. The media streams are usually exchanged directly between the end systems. This forms the typical trapezoid routing in IP telephony scenarios a typical setup is shown in the figure on page 486.
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High-level scenario overview
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The following scenario is assumed for the use cases: An organization with several subsidiaries is planning to expand, and a new site has been built. The IT infrastructure is connected to the headquarters computing center over a dedicated network. The IT and telecommunication officer decides to use the same kind of network for data and voice traffic.
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Case Study: IP Telephony
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Telephony server IP network Signaling
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Telephony server
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Signaling Signaling IP network IP phone A Media streams IP phone B
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Typical trapezoid routing in IP telephony. Signaling and media transport are using different routes.
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The company chooses to use an IP telephony system for internal voice communication, as well as for the communication between the various branches and the headquarters. Gateways to the PSTN should allow calls to be made via the traditional telephone network. Calls traversing this gateway are billed. The reasons to introduce IP telephony are:
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Cost saving on installed network infrastructure Cost saving on calls between the branches Supporting user mobility and flexible offices
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Branches are connected via leased lines, for example T 1 connections from the existing ISP. Data is exchanged using this dedicated IP network connection. Additionally, voice traffic is transported over the same connection. A gateway to the PSTN is available in every branch. Within this use case SIP [RSC+02] is assumed as signaling protocol. However, the case also applies to IP telephony systems using the H.323 protocol suite [ITU03]. Both are application-layer protocols that use the processing power of the end systems. Media streams are transported using Real-time Transport Protocol (RTP) [SCF+96]. A different approach is offered by MEGACO (MEdia GAteway COntrol) [ADE+99], a protocol that uses a master/slave architecture. This assumes limited intelligence at the edges and concentrates intelligence in the core. The deployed IP telephony components offer administration of network entities and via a remote interface. This interface can be accessed by Telnet or through an
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The Fundamentals of IP Telephony 487
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HTTP interface. The device settings are divided into administrator settings and personal settings, such as short-dial numbers or displayed names. IP phones often have a graphical display that also allows direct administration from the device. User input is typed using a numerical or an alpha-numeric keypad.
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