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Secure Internet Applications
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are possible. The simplest one is passing requests in a round robin fashion among several back-end servers that implement identical functionality. More sophisticated strategies can make use of statistics collected at the reverse proxy, such as response times of back-ends or special queries to the back-ends while collecting their respective loads. Load balancing becomes more complicated in the case of Web applications on the back-ends that carry a user s session context, because a session s request need to be passed to the same back-end when more than one is available ( session stickiness ). See FRONT DOOR (473) for ideas on how to resolve these issues.
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Integration Protection Reverse Proxy. It is easy (and wise) to combine the INTEGRATION REVERSE PROXY (465) with the PROTECTION REVERSE PROXY (457) and gain the benefits of both. You can also use INTEGRATION REVERSE PROXY (465) in an intranet integration scenario. Simple intranet applications (for example, those using PHP or Perl) can be deployed quickly behind the reverse proxy without the need to publicize the servers address explicitly to all users. In addition, external Web applications can be similarly integrated into the workspace without users recognizing the external nature. Combined with a menu of available back-end services generated on the reverse proxy, deployment of tools can thus be instantaneous. This style of integration, relying only on HTTP, is much easier than using a fully-fledged portal server platform. In addition you can gain security, because the back-end servers can operate in a separated network zone that is not accessible directly from the potentially hostile corporate intranet (think about e-mail worms). A combination of two INTEGRATION REVERSE PROXY (465), one facing the Internet and one for the intranet sharing of the back-end servers, is also possible. This reduces cost if the same functionality must be available on both networks.
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Pound ( is an INTEGRATION REVERSE PROXY (465) that provides SSL wrapping and load balancing with a simple form of session stickiness.
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The following benefits may be expected from applying this pattern:
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Only one externally-known host: only one name and one IP address for the reverse proxy need be known and accessible outside, except when virtual hosts
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are used. You also increase security, because fewer machines need to operate in the DEMILITARIZED ZONE (449). The network topology of back-end servers is hidden. You can move back-end Web servers from one machine to another without invalidating external URLs or cross-application links. Ease of integration and extension. Mix and match of Web applications and technology becomes feasible for back-end Web servers and is transparent to end users. Bookmarks and cross-back-end links continue to work, even when a back-end is moved to another host. Load balancing of back-end servers by the reverse proxy is possible. However, if your back-end servers carry session, the reverse proxy must take stickiness into account. See FRONT DOOR (473) for more optional features. Centralized logging. The INTEGRATION REVERSE PROXY (465) provides a good hook on which to implement access and error logging. Ideally back-end servers no longer need to perform logging. A single log is easier to evaluate for example, a user s navigation path can be followed easily even if more than one backend server is used. You can save money and effort on SSL certificates and maybe also on IP addresses or host names, because only one host is connected to the Internet. Virtual host-to-service mapping is infeasible with a single SSL certificate. You then need to configure multiple IP addresses for the reverse proxy to make it possible to use valid SSL certificates, or you need to use an expensive wildcard SSL certificate.
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However, INTEGRATION REVERSE PROXY (465) also has its liabilities. It shares the last three liabilities with PROTECTION REVERSE PROXY (457): latency, some loss of transparency for back-ends, and introducing an additional point of failure.
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It is a potential single point of failure. If everything runs through your reverse proxy, this becomes a single point of failure. Additional redundancy is required for risk minimization. Without the reverse proxy, a single server outage can reduce available functionality, but might not bring everything down completely. Using a redundant hardware load-balancing switch and a redundant reverse proxy configuration can alleviate this problem. The number of concurrent connections is limited. IP imposes a hard limit on the number of usable ports and thus the number of concurrent connections that is possible. On really heavy loaded sites with relatively slow back-ends this might imply that you need additional means such as multiple reverse proxies with DNS round robin to stretch these limits. Complexity. There may be simpler means to gain one or the other benefit. For example, you can use a hardware load-balancing switch.
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