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user identity, issuing of certificates, and maintenance of the revocation list to them. CAs will offer different levels of user identity verification, from a simple check of online identity through to a face-to-face identity verification.
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The commercial organization implements a certificate-based KNOWN PARTNERS (442) mechanism. It obtains a certificate from a recognized CA which it uses to set up an SSL-based SECURE CHANNELS (434). All access to restricted functionality must take place over that SECURE CHANNELS (434). The organization decides to act as its own CA because it already has a lot of face-toface interaction with its business partners. Each business partner that requires access to the on-line functionality is issued an individual certificate signed by the organization. When the user accesses the restricted functionality, they are required to provide the certificate, which the system then checks against its own revocation list. At the culmination of an interaction such as the confirmation of order placement, the individual user ID embedded in the certificate is passed with the order details to the corporate ordering facility.
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KNOWN PARTNERS (442) mechanisms are becoming increasingly common for commercially sensitive or high-value online interactions. The authors have worked with several companies that implement a certificate-based KNOWN PARTNERS (442) scheme to provide access to extranet systems as well as internal resources such as document and code repositories. The UK government also uses a certificate-based scheme for its government gateway (, which provides access to functionality such as on-line filing of business tax returns.
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Multi-part user identity. The use of digital certificates actually ties the interaction to a browser on a machine rather than to an individual user. This is advantageous if we want to allow multiple users to act on behalf of a business partner and we don t care which individual, but is a liability if we want to identify individual users. A common variant of certificate-based user identification is the addition of a password or PIN individual to each user, that must be supplied at the same time as the certificate. Multi-part user identities are also useful in the case of machine theft, as possession of the certificate alone is not sufficient to access the restricted functionality of the system. Hardware token. Rather than using certificates for user identification, a hardware token is issued to each user. The token usually provides a key that changes frequently
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and must be provided to the system on log in either the key is displayed and the user types it in, or the hardware token is physically connected to the machine and provides the key automatically. Hardware-token based systems also frequently use a multi-part user identity, as theft of the token is usually easier than theft of the client machine, and less readily noticed by the user.
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The following benefits may be expected from applying this pattern:
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Security is improved, because the system can be sure that any user accessing the system is who it thinks they are. User confidence is improved, because they can be sure they are not accessing a spoof system.
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The following potential liabilities may arise from applying this pattern:
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Performance is slightly impacted, because exchanging and verifying system and user identities introduces overhead in processing a user s request. Availability is potentially impacted, because the user identity verification service becomes a single point of failure for access to restricted functionality. Manageability is impacted, because system and user identities must be actively managed to maintain the required level of security. KNOWN PARTNERS (442) is significantly more expensive to implement and maintain than a lightweight mechanism based on passwords.
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Demilitarized Zone 449
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Demilitarized Zone
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Any organization conducting e-commerce or publishing information over Web technologies must make their service easily accessible to their users. However, any form of Web site or e-commerce system is a potential target for attack, especially those on the Internet. A Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) separates the business functionality and information from the Web servers that deliver it, and places the Web servers in a secure area. This reduces the surface area of the system that is open to attack.
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