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A commercial Internet system offers two Web-technology interfaces: one for the general public and the other for business partners. The business partner interface allows the users to place orders for goods, often with a value that runs to many tens of thousands of dollars. Once the order is placed with the Web-technology system, it is sent to the corporate ordering facility. This initiates a number of supply-chain-management functions, culminating in the goods being shipped to the business partner along with an invoice for the goods. If we allowed anyone to access this system anonymously, we would run the risk that, either maliciously or accidentally, orders would be placed by users not authorized to do so. This could result in goods being shipped in error, invoices being issued incorrectly, and business partners claiming that orders shipped to them were never placed by them. Equally, users will be less willing to use the system and to submit information such as credit details and user information for an order, if there is a chance that someone is spoofing the system, for example offering something that looks like our system, but is in fact an operation set up to collect information that can be used to commit fraud.
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An APPLICATION SERVER ARCHITECTURE [Dys04] has been adopted to deliver an Internet technology application. The business logic and dynamic Web content generation of the application resides on application servers, while all static content is provided by Web servers that also act as reverse proxies (see PROTECTION REVERSE PROXY (457), INTEGRATION REVERSE PROXY (465), and FRONT DOOR (473)) for the dynamic Web content. The application provides commercially-sensitive or high value services to a restricted set of users.
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We want to provide a system that allows us to collaborate with an organization either as a customer or as a business partner. How can we validate the identity of an organization so that we can be sure they are who we think they are, and they can be sure that we are who we say we are Solving this problem requires you to resolve the following forces:
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We want to make the system as easy to access as possible to encourage business: this is probably one of the reasons we chose to offer the system via Web technologies in the first place. However, we need to balance accessibility against the need to identify and authenticate users, and to protect users from anyone who is trying to spoof our system. Lightweight security mechanisms such as user-name and password combinations are typically one-way: they identify the user to the system, but not vice-versa. We could adopt a lightweight approach, but these types of mechanisms are relatively easy to break, and the user is often required to provide information that is valuable to anyone that has gone to the trouble of setting up a spoof system. The cost of an extensive security solution will be high, but the cost of invalid system use may also be high in terms of theft and loss of customer confidence. If the potential rewards from the attack are high in terms of financial gain or publicity, the risk of such an attack will be higher. The scope, and hence cost, of any countermeasure must be commensurate with the level of perceived threat and the potential cost of the fraud.
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Ensure that access to system functionality and data is restricted to known partners who must authenticate themselves in a secure manner. This secure manner should involve some form of two-way exchange such that the user is identified to the system and the system is shown to be what the user thinks it is. In effect, the user and the system are both identifying each other as KNOWN PARTNERS (442) with whom they want to interact.
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