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shepherding skills of Frank Buschmann. PROTECTION REVERSE PROXY (457), INTEGRATION REVERSE PROXY (465), and FRONT DOOR (473) were written by Peter Sommerlad. Peter would like to thank his EuroPLoP 2003 shepherd Kevlin Henney and the writers workshop participants in Irsee. The work presented is based on work of Peter s former colleagues, who have implemented Telekurs Frontdoor solutions: Andreas Birrer, Bruno B chel, Marcel Huber, Ulf Leonhardt, Alessio Montorfano, Markus Pfister, J rgen Wothke. Thanks to Lara Beraha, Lukas Buzzi, and Felix G hler of Telekurs Financial Information Ltd, who allowed Peter and his former colleagues to implement Frontdoors and learn with them about the issues, benefits and drawbacks of operating reverse proxies.
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Secure Internet Applications
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Information Obscurity
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All systems are potentially liable to attack, whether from internal or external sources. If the information held by a system is sensitive, it should be protected. Part of this protection can take the form of obscuring the data itself, probably through some form of encryption, and obscuring information about the environment surrounding the data.
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A typical Internet technology system will use a combination of Web and application servers, together with a COMMON PERSISTENT STORE [Dys04], usually in the form of a common database, in which application data is stored. All these parts of the system will be protected from external attack by a firewall and possibly a DEMILITARIZED ZONE (449). However, this is no guarantee of security what if the attacker breaches these external measures, or if an attack is internal to the organization
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Web Server Database server
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Firewall or DMZ Memory Application Server State Server Cache
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Protection using a firewall or DMZ
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The system will gather user information, such as credit card details, and store this in the database. The user information in the database is an obvious target for any attacker who wishes to steal or alter such information. Hence extra security measures may be put in place for the database. However, user information may also be retained temporarily by other parts of the system, in memory, in a cache, or in session state server, as shown in the figure on the previous page. Application data can be protected by encrypting it, but such encryption is comparatively slow. Widespread use of encryption for all data in the system will impact system performance. Even then, there is no guarantee of security, as the system must
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Information Obscurity 427
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have access to the keys required to decrypt the data when it is needed by the application. This means that such keys are also vulnerable to attack. If the intruder can find and identify the encryption keys used for particular purposes, then all benefit from the encryption is lost. This can be addressed by designating one server to hold and distribute the keys. This server can then be specially protected. However, if an intruder can obtain credentials to access this server, then it too may be compromised, hence anywhere the application has access to such credentials (or equivalent privilege must also be protected).
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An APPLICATION SERVER ARCHITECTURE [Dys04] has been adopted to deliver Internet technology application servers together with a COMMON PERSISTENT STORE [Dys04]. The business logic and dynamic Web content generation of the application resides on application servers, while all static content is provided by Web servers that also act as a PROTECTION REVERSE PROXY (457) or an INTEGRATION REVERSE PROXY (465) for the dynamic Web content. The application gathers information on users and holds this in its database. The application is protected from external attack by a DEMILITARIZED ZONE (449).
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How do we ensure that sensitive data gathered and stored by our system is protected from unauthorized access The solution to this problem must resolve the following forces:
Much application data is non-sensitive, but the data that is sensitive needs to be protected in parts of the system that are vulnerable to attack. The degree of protection should be commensurate with the sensitivity of the data, and the data must still be readily accessible by the system itself. Encryption and decryption are comparatively slow and expensive in resource terms and so should be avoided unless necessary. To encrypt and decrypt information you need the appropriate encryption key. However, you must then guard this encryption key from unauthorized access.