Firewall Architectures in .NET

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Firewall Architectures
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Alternate flow. If the service request is not supported by the PROXY-BASED FIREWALL (411), or the firewall considers the client untrustworthy, the firewall will block the access. Postcondition. The firewall has accepted the service request from a trustworthy client to the local host.
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1. According to organization policies, define which services will be made available to clients of the network. 2. Write, reuse, or buy a proxy for each service and assign a location or address to it. 3. Define who can have what type of access to which service and other restrictions on their use.
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actor :ExternalHost
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:ProxyBased Firewall
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requestService requestService filterRequest checkRequest accept
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Sequence diagram for filtering service requests.
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4. Implement these constraints in the rule base. 5. Consider configurations such as PROTECTION REVERSE PROXY (457), INTEGRATION REVERSE PROXY (465) or a combination with a PACKET FILTER FIREWALL (405) in a distributed configuration [Cyb03].
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Proxy-Based Firewall 415
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We bought a PROXY-BASED FIREWALL (411) and now every request for a service is authenticated and checked. We can verify that the requests are authentic and filter out some payload attacks, for example, a wrong command for a service, wrong type parameters in the service call, and so on.
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Some specific firewall products that use application proxies are Pipex Security Firewalls [Pip03] and InterGate Firewall. The SOCKS Protocol from IETF, although not intended as a firewall, uses a similar principle [Socks]. Postfix filters act as proxy and packet filter firewalls [Haf05].
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The following benefits may be expected from applying this pattern:
The firewall inspects and filters all access requests based on predefined application proxies that are transparent to the users of the services. In some cases, it may even modify a request for example, doing network address translation. It is possible to express the organization s filtering policies through its application proxies and their rules. The implementation details of the local host can be hidden from the external clients. This also improves security. A firewall permits systematic logging and tracking of all service requests going through it. This facilitates the detection of possible attacks and helps hold local users responsible of their actions. It provides a higher level of security than packet filters, because it inspects the complete packet including the headers and data segments. This global view may control attacks in the payload and attacks based on the structure and size of the packets.
The following potential liabilities may arise from applying this pattern:
Possible implementation costs due to the need for specialized proxies. The proxies also need to be configured correctly. On the other hand, proxies already exist for common services. Performance overhead due to the need for inspection of the data segment of packets and maybe additional checking.
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Firewall Architectures
Increased complexity of the firewall. A PROXY-BASED FIREWALL (411) may require a change in applications and/or the user s interaction with the system. This is not necessary, however, in a well-designed system.
See Also
This pattern uses the PROXY pattern from [GoF95]. It can be combined with PACKET FILTER FIREWALL (405) and STATEFUL FIREWALL (417).
Stateful Firewall 417
Stateful Firewall
A stateful firewall filters incoming and outgoing network traffic in a computer system based on state information derived from past communications. State information generally describes whether the incoming packet is part of a new connection, or a continuing communication whose connection was approved previously. In other words, states describe a context for each packet.
We have been able to contain many attacks with PACKET FILTER FIREWALL (405) and PROXY-BASED FIREWALL (411). However, we are still plagued with distributed denial of service attacks that prevent customers from reaching our site. We also have performance problems for high-speed streams. In addition, a more sophisticated group of hackers is attacking us, sending us viruses whose bodies are assembled from parts included in message data and commands.