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The general non-repudiation requirements and the process of specifying non-repudiation requirements described in this pattern are widely known, but are generally used informally, as opposed to being codified or published. The requirements as stated in this pattern represent a consolidation of MITRE Corporation s experience in working with multiple customers over several decades. However, some publications on non-repudiation requirements exist.
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[ISO13335-4] discusses non-repudiation as one of the primary safeguards, in the context of integrity. [ISO15408] is an international standard that defines evaluation criteria for information technology security. It includes non-repudiation requirements in the context of communication.
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Non-Repudiation Requirements 401
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Table 11.9 Museum specific requirements for non-repudiation
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SPECIFIC REQUIREMENT FOR THIS TRANSACTION Capture, store, and record the receipt and return of the Crown Jewels by video taping the event or having it done with witnesses from both the sender and the receiver. Identify and authenticate the individual(s) from whom the Crown Jewels should be received and to whom they should be given after the opening. Explicitly outline the terms of the exchange and have all participants provide an authenticated signature. Provide copies of this agreement to the sender and the receiver. Prepare everything, including video taping preparations and writing down the agreement, to make it as efficient and unobtrusive as possible. Document the process and have standard forms available for use in similar transactions. Protect all non-repudiation information associated with an event Store this agreement, the signatures, and the videotape in a secure location.
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GENERAL REQUIREMENT Provide information that an actor took specified actions in an activity or event
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Provide identifiers, authenticators and the terms of an event when requested
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Minimize the time it takes participants to provide their identifiers and authenticators
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[ISO13888] is an international standard on non-repudiation. [Louridas00] discusses non-repudiation protocol guidelines and stresses the need to match protocols with requirements. [IETF99] discusses requirements for non-repudiation in the context of the Internet. [Gindin01] discusses technical requirements for non-repudiation, in contrast with legal requirements.
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The following benefits may be expected from applying this pattern:
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It facilitates conscious selection of non-repudiation requirements, so that decisions about selecting non-repudiation mechanisms have a clear basis, rather than occurring in a vacuum.
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It promotes explicit analysis of trade-offs that encourages balancing and prioritizing of conflicting requirements. This helps to avoid stronger than necessary non-repudiation which places increased burden on the parties to a transaction, and at the same time it helps to avoid weaker than necessary non-repudiation, which would make it easy to deny participation. It results in documentation of non-repudiation requirements which communicates to all interested parties and also provides information for security audits. The pattern fosters a clear connection of non-repudiation requirements to security accounting policies. This also encourages organizations to make their policies more explicit.
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The following potential liabilities may arise from applying this pattern:
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It requires an investment of resources to apply the pattern, including time to analyze domains and non-repudiation needs. In some cases the cost of applying the pattern may exceed its benefits. It poses a danger of over-engineering and complexity creep if stakeholders are offered too many options. You can mitigate this by using the requirements only as guidelines for analysis, or by selecting those parts of the pattern that give the most help. The formal selection process may be too long and costly and produce too much overhead. You can mitigate this in the same ways as noted above. Specific circumstances might not be covered by generic non-repudiation requirements. You can mitigate this by adding specific requirements and including them in the trade-offs. Documentation of requirements implies that they must be maintained as they change over time. You can mitigate this by keeping the requirements in a form that is easy to update, integrated with other system documentation.
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Firewall Architectures
The Great Wall of China was built over 2,000 years ago, by Qin Shi Huangdi, the first emperor of China. Armies were stationed along the wall as a first line of defence against the invading nomadic tribes north of China (the Huns). Signal fires from the Wall provided early warning of an attack.
In the case of computers connected to a local network, attacks may come from hosts in external networks or in other local sub-networks. Network traffic has a layered structure and we need to protect against attacks that may come through any layer. This means that we need different types of defensive structures. Accessing a mistrusted site is a risk, and we also need to protect the traffic going out from a local network. A common solution to the protection of local networks is to incorporate a firewall to filter unwanted traffic [Zwi00].