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Specify a set of AT&L requirements for a specific domain such as a system or organization, and determine the relative importance of each requirement. The solution has two aspects: a requirements process and a common set of generic requirements.
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Requirements Specification and Prioritization Process
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A system requirements engineer, in conjunction with an enterprise architect, typically performs the requirements process. An important first step is explicitly to define the domain for which you are specifying audit trails and logging requirements, such
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as a specific system, or type of activities and events. You also define factors, such as organization constraints, that affect the specialization and importance of requirements. You then specify AT&L requirements for the target domain, using the generic requirements provided below. The final activity is to define the relative importance of the specified requirements.
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Generic Requirements Description
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The following is a general set of requirements appropriate to an AT&L service.
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Acquire information about designated types of activities and events. An AT&L service must support the capture and storage of information related to security events that are potentially harmful or undesirable to the organization in audit trails or logs. This requirement is essential for stakeholders, who use the details provided to determine what the event was, when and where the event happened, and why and how the event happened. Significant related information should be stored along with the event information. For example, the time of day and date should be included in details of an event. Best practice does not require audit trails or logs to be provided for immediate viewing, although sometimes they are streamed to available workstations. Generally, audit trails and logs are subjected to audit analysis after the fact.
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Ensure that information acquired can help establish links between users and events. The AT&L service should ensure that the information acquired can be used to establish links between user activity and some event. The AT&L service needs to allow its users to acquire identifiers that represent the identity of a user uniquely and a description of their activities at the time the event was captured. This requirement is essential for accounting for user actions. Stakeholders use the provided details to determine who the actors are who engage in malicious or unwanted activity, and eventually assign the responsibility of the event to those actors.
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Ensure that information acquired is in a form that users can interpret. An AT&L service must not only capture information about events, but also ensure that the information is in a form that the user can understand. This requirement is essential for facilitating understanding of events and making informed decisions.
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Enable users to reconstruct events captured from disparate sources. Regardless of where or when parts of an event are captured, an audit trail creates a comprehensive view of the event. The audit trail may come from disparate sources, but collectively it forms a more complete view of the event. Users of the AT&L service should be able to acquire information as a single view
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Audit Trails and Logging Requirements 381
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about events even though parts of the information are gathered from multiple sources. This requirement is essential for determining what an event was, performing investigations into malicious events, and piecing together information to determine event history.
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Enable users to repeatedly examine the information derived from an event. Scrutinizing events can help address future security breaches. Audit trails and logs gathered by this service need to be generally available for all accounting mechanisms and for extended periods of time, for potential event clarification or elaboration, as necessary. This requirement is essential to support users who need to revisit events to derive more information or re-examine conclusions drawn from earlier scrutiny.
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Perform its service when needed. An AT&L service needs to be able to provide its services during times where the tracking of events is absolutely important. During operation the AT&L service is processing information about events that could cause significant damage to the organization, and the AT&L service needs to be able to continue functioning during those high-impact events. This requirement is essential to support availability, and concerns the readiness of the AT&L service.
Protect the information it captures. The AT&L service needs sufficient protection for its activity within the organization, and must afford a reasonable level of protection for the information being processed. The AT&L service should ensure that information intended for authorized users is not accessible to malicious actors. The AT&L service should also ensure that the information it provides to a user retains its accuracy. This information gives decision makers insight into how well the AT&L information is protected from malicious actors and how reliable the AT&L information is to use. This requirement is essential to support confidentiality, integrity, and privacy, and concerns the trustworthiness of the information the AT&L service provides.
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Provide accountability for changes to audit trails and logs. The AT&L service should provide information about an event that resulted in unauthorized or authorized access to information that the AT&L service provides. Event information needs to include all actor identifiers and events that occurred. This requirement is essential to support accountability.
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An additional set of requirements applies to all service requirements patterns. Instead of duplicating the discussion of the same set in each requirements pattern, they are simply listed here, because they do need to be considered in each requirements pattern. The requirements are: minimize time and effort to use, minimize mismatch with user characteristics, risks to user safety, costs of per-user set-up, costs of maintenance, management, and overhead, and changes needed to existing system infrastructure.
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