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An additional set of requirements applies to all service requirements patterns. Instead of duplicating the discussion of the same set in each requirements pattern, they are simply listed here, because they do need to be considered in each requirements pattern. The requirements are: minimize time and effort to use, minimize mismatch with user characteristics, risks to user safety, costs of per-user set-up, costs of maintenance, management, and overhead, and changes needed to existing system infrastructure. Further discussion of each of these cross-cutting requirements, including implementation factors, is given in I&A REQUIREMENTS (192). The remainder of this pattern focuses on the access control-specific requirements identified and discussed above.
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This section first provides more detail about the process summarized in the Solution section, then discusses factors in determining the relative importance of requirements.
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Process Guidelines
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The requirements process typically includes these steps: 1. Establish the domain for which the accounting service is needed. Ensure that the domain has been identified and scoped. Typical security accounting domains include information system, physical facility, network, portal, or entire organization. The domain consists of at least three parts: a defined scope of actors, a defined scope of assets, and a defined scope or set of events that involve actions on those assets. Note that other terms are also used in place of actor, asset, action. For example, [ISO15408] uses subject, object, and operation, respectively. Other constraints may also bound the domain for example, the accounting requirements for real-time service may differ from those for multi-year service. These might represent two distinct domains. 2. Specify a set of factors that affect the specialization and importance of requirements. The factors include uses of accounting, accounting needs, organization constraints, and priorities. You can find a general candidate set of factors below. 3. Specify accounting requirements for the target accounting domain. To do this, specialize the set of generic requirements given in the Solution section. 4. Define the relative importance of specific requirements.
Requirement Priority Factors and Impacts
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Table 11.1 reiterates the generic requirements described in the Solution section, along with factors for judging their relative importance to the organization. For each
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Security Accounting Requirements 365
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requirement, positive and negative impacts of the factors on importance or priority of the requirement are also provided.
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Table 11.1 Accounting service requirements importance factors
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GENERIC REQUIREMENT Provide information about events (what, when, where, why and how)
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FACTOR Required by law or other mandate outside of the organization, or events involve highly-sensitive or valuable assets. Internal organization concern rather than external mandate, or events involve assets of medium value. Only prevention approach used, not detection or response, or events involve low value assets.
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Provide information about who engages in activities (who)
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Assigning responsibility is a high priority, because it is required by law, or events involve highly sensitive or valuable assets. Accountability is an organization concern and not a legal or external mandate, or events involve assets of medium value, or losses are covered by insurance, or fall within the boundaries of acceptable risk. No action will be taken against individuals, or events involve low value assets.
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Provide a degree of confidence that the service will function when needed
The need for accountability is high, and security accounting is the only source of this information.
The need for accountability is moderate, or alternative sources of accounting information are available. Provide a degree of confidence that the information the service provides is accurate The need for accountability is high, or security accounting information must be provided to an outside organization.
The need for accountability is moderate, and only required inside the organization.
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Example Resolved
Samuel the museum systems engineer defines several domains, because the importance of accounting requirements varies for different asset types. The domains include high value gemstones, the database system that records information about gems, and the physical facilities that house the gem exhibits. Table 11.2 shows the requirements ratings Samuel has specified for the high-value gems domain. Not surprisingly, all security accounting requirements are rated High for this domain.