The Pattern Approach in .NET

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The Pattern Approach
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How is the selected pattern instantiated most effectively within the existing (partial) software architecture
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Recognizing this leads almost directly to the concept of pattern languages [POSA4]. In a nutshell:
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A pattern language is a network of tightly-interwoven patterns that defines a process for resolving a set of related, interdependent software development problems systematically.
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For example, there are pattern languages that support
Constructing entire applications, for example distributed systems [POSA4], or business information systems [Fow97] Developing major application parts such as components [VSW02] Addressing problem areas of common interest, such as security or human computer interaction [Bor01] Programming in a good style, for example, the Smalltalk best practice patterns [Bec97]
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Basically, a pattern language exposes the same properties as an individual pattern, but at a higher, system-oriented level. It defines both a process and a thing, produces designs of high quality, allows the creation or generation of many alternative designs, supports the understanding of the challenges associated with a specific problem domain or the development of a specific application type, and tackles problems in an intelligent, often unusual and lateral way. The following excerpt from [POSA4] summarizes the concrete look-and-feel of a high-quality pattern language.
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One or more patterns define the entry point of the pattern language and address the most fundamental problems that must be resolved when building its thing . The entry point patterns also define the starting point for the language s process: every software development that uses the language begins there. The creation process for the chosen entry point pattern then describes what concrete activities must be performed to resolve the specific problem that this pattern addresses. This process not only specifies how to implement the proposed problem resolution, however. It also suggests other patterns from the language that could be used to address sub-problems of the original problem, as well as the order in which to apply these other patterns. If several alternative patterns are referenced for resolving a particular sub-problem, the trade-offs of each alternative are described and hints are given for how to select the right alternative for a specific application.
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Documenting Patterns
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Following any of the pattern suggestions made by the entry point pattern s creation process, the process defined by the pattern language leads to another pattern and its associated creation process which is then applied to resolve the problem that the other pattern addresses. This process can reference yet more patterns, to resolve subproblems of the sub-problem of the initial problem. Using either a breadth-first or a depth-first approach, or even a mixture of both approaches, this iterative process of following a pattern reference and applying the referenced pattern s creation process continues until there are no more pattern references to follow. The particular path taken through the pattern language then defines a sequence or sentence of patterns that guides the design and implementation of the thing that is this language s subject.
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A pattern language is the highest organizational form for patterns currently known. It also the most successful organizational form with respect to the original goal of software patterns: to support the construction of real-world, productive software most professionally. For this reason, the patterns in this book are organized whenever possible into a pattern language, instead of just cataloguing them separately.
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1.7 Documenting Patterns
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Patterns, whether they are stand-alone or integrated into a pattern system or pattern language, must be presented in an appropriate form if we are to understand and discuss them. A good description helps us grasp the essence of a pattern immediately what is the problem the pattern addresses, and what is the proposed solution A good description also provides us with all the details necessary to implement a pattern, and to consider the consequences of its application. Many pattern forms are known and used [POSA4], but for this book we decided to follow the format developed for the Pattern-Oriented Software Architecture series [POSA1], as it best fits our goals and audience:
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